Medical Aid Plans for 2011 and 2012

Medical Aid Plans for 2011 and 2012

Article by Laura

Unplanned accidents happen out of nowhere, hence they are unplanned. If one is the unfortunate victim of an accident and needs to have medical attention, what is the current plan of action? How is the common individual, with no health insurance plan and no real savings going to pay off the unforeseen medical bills that will probably reach beyond thousands of dollars? The easiest way to alleviate such worries is to take preventative measures to ensure one does not find themselves in such a position. Plan ahead by choosing one of the many health plans available to individuals through different companies.Health insurance plans do many wonderful things for the individual to whom they belong. One thing they do is allow one unlimited hospitalization at any single private hospital across vast expanse of South Africa. Also included are unlimited emergency transport benefits, which utilize the assistance of ER24, not only in South Africa, but also in Swaziland and Lesotho. If one thinks the previous unlimited benefits are substantial, and enough to make an individual realize the usefulness of health insurance plans, then hang on, because there are even more beneficial accoutrements. An individual also gets unlimited rehabilitation and home nursing, although these are subject to health plan approval, so consult the company from whom you are considering buying the health plan with. Finally, the are unlimited benefits for laser tonsillectomies, colonoscopies and gastroendoscopies when they are performed while one is either in or out of hospitalization; although co-payments may be applicable in certain cases or with certain health plans.

Having a health insurance plan will also allow an individual access to professional and specialized programs that are meant for disease management, if one happens to suffer from a terminal illness such as AIDS or cancer. Also, major medical benefits will help pay for MRIs or CT scans performed while one is either in or out of hospital. On top of that, pharmaceuticals upon discharge are paid by an individual’s hospital health plan as well. Finally, one other benefit from one’s health insurance plan that should be expected is for individuals who are pregnant or about to give birth. If this is one’s condition, there are especially nice benefits, which include home deliveries by registered midwives as well as pre-birth education. Such education is worth its weight in gold because many first-time mothers have numerous questions that should be answered by a health care professional. Also, due to the sky rocketing cost of formula, health professionals are trying to make more and more first time mothers recognize the healthy benefits of breastfeeding, not only for the child, but the mother as well.

When it comes to selecting health insurance plans, however, one needs to do some research for themselves as well as their families, in order to select the health plan most beneficial to their specific situation. Some plans give different benefits compared to others, so an individual must choose according to affordability and benefits most useful to them and their families. Once one sees all of the wonderful benefits available, it is difficult to turn any great offer down. The better the benefits, the better one’s treatment will be.

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