May 2012 Francis Dean Tennis Recruiting video

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  1. TheWarnABrutha says:

    that shank at 9:16 hahahaha. I can imagine the look on her face lol!!!

  2. Steve Smith says:

    That’s University of the Pacific. They’re two different schools.

  3. Ben Lei says:

    walnut high

  4. Matt Lin says:

    Stockton, California

  5. JustaNiceGuy333 says:

    Longngo12 is all talk according to his hs coach

  6. RinoGattuso1000 says:

    If interesting in playing College Tennis in NY, email me @ Misiti99@yahoo.com

  7. pgibb6796 says:

    Very good, however that little pause when the girl in black stops the motion of her racquet in her serve prevents her from getting more racquet speed, at least that is what my coach tells me because I do the same thing. Congrats on getting into Pacific, Francis!

  8. Francis Dean says:

    yay that’s me 🙂

  9. longngo12 says:

    that would explain why in matches i’m not as tired as i would be during a long ass rally

  10. longngo12 says:

    I won’t deny that their backhand and serve are much better than mines, well…the kick serve/slice serve at least but im not sure the forehand is great as their backhand though

  11. artamerican says:

    both have potential to improve further, keep on the hard work and I enjoy watching them played

  12. MrDaboss625 says:

    Wheres the serve and volley its disappeared over the years sadly

  13. Vitor Hara says:

    ya when i shank it and goes high up i just stop playing the point its just a weird habit, i hate playing against moonballers

  14. longngo12 says:

    i know it is boring, me if i hit a high loop ball i hate it i dont want to see the topspin in action i want to see the flatness of the ball with some topspin on it only.

  15. Vitor Hara says:

    lol ya i go to the net its basically a free point, these chicks just moon ball and play passively wasting a ton of energy its boring to watch

  16. Teppei ahn says:

    Right and that has alot to do with their footwork and understanding how to transition on certain balls.

  17. longngo12 says:

    lol i love going to the next the majority of the point i go to the net its hella fun up there

  18. longngo12 says:

    they wait for the ball to come to them, in tennis its all about getting to the ball yourself if you want to play against a good opponent

  19. longngo12 says:

    lol these girls are good, but the girl in the pink skirt gotta take the ball earlier she just waits for the ball to come back to her and not going after the ball herself that gives ur opponent more time to recover

  20. sonytennis2009 says:

    where is pacific university

  21. Vitor Hara says:

    go to the damn net geez dont you see she is just lobing and defending(the girl in pink), almost every point the chick in black was on offense but lost cuz she didnt put the ball away. Seriously finish the point out lol

  22. TwilightForcesMedia says:

    Drank a water. Saw your comment. Spoiled the water.

  23. BooNaToHS says:

    this doesn’t have the feel of a recruiting video

  24. Daniel Zheng says:

    can you make me a tennis recruiting video?

  25. Teppei ahn says:

    I actually believe you. these kids are no where near beginners, but a lot of flaws in their game, including technical aspects.

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