Maximum Leverage’s Daegan Smith gives us a free ipad!

Our testimonial rap for maximum leverage that scored us a free ipad… www.youtube.com For those of you who don’t know who Daegan is, here’s his story… www.MaximumLeverage101.com Thanks man…you’ve turned us into MacHeads!
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  1. chucho32922 says:

    I’m getting my free iPad in a couple of days now! Yeah! I’m so excited

  2. kirstyargyle2011 says:

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  3. kittykitty554 says:

    how can u do it???!!!!!! plz tell me were i can do it and i want it in morocco plz find me a solution 🙁 :'( :'( :'( plz PLZ PLZ PLZ!!!!!!!

  4. freestuffs1000 says:

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  5. one4um says:

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  6. TheEme91 says:

    i just went here to get an iPad its alot easier

  7. pluners11 says:

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  8. pluners11 says:

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  9. iwouldlikesometea says:

    I got a free ipad too!

  10. Odie8101 says:

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  11. 9thej says:

    Go here, they give you £34 via PayPal (about $70 I think) for only 2 referrals!
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  12. CrystalLynnLopez says:

    I love my iPad! If you want to know how to get an ipad for under $15 just pm me. (I have two!)

  13. looklune says:

    sooooooo lucky!!!!

  14. lolliepops401 says:

    who are u people what do you do

  15. Francesc32 says:

    Felicidades amiga desde España – Tarragona.

  16. moneyjeer says:

    I liked the expectation, and the enthusiasm that Wendy showed in the video. Especially patient because she had to wait ALL DAY for this!!!!

  17. CoreMLMTips says:

    Sick Gadget Y’all , and Well Deserved – To Your Success ~ Chucks

  18. winsoar says:


  19. JayRobertsUK says:

    Not just a little rap guys – a fab rap. Well deserved and I still watch the rap for that little boost on those lonely IM days!! You Rock!

  20. AyannaMurray says:

    That’s awesome! Congratulations!! I just joined Daegan’s team and I’m looking forward to learning so much!!

  21. unclepapa1 says:

    Hey Tripp and Wendy, well done your thinking out of the box got you unwrapping another one for something truly worthwhile in the box… great job.

  22. jackmanstar says:

    Hi Tripp and Wendy,
    Nice of your to share your Ipad moment with the rest of us. I know you will enjoy using your well deserved award!!

  23. daegansmith says:

    So guys I got that sucker in the mail to you at 8pm the night before I left for Maui at 6am, I’m so glad you guys got it safe and sound (I paid $18 extra for the extra padding) and that you got it so fast. Enjoy!

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