Maximum Leverage – What You Really Need To Know About Daegan Smith

Maximum Leverage – What You Really Need To Know About Daegan Smith

Article by Hermione Spencer

There is a little bit of hype building out there about the maximum leverage scam that is sweeping out over the internet, creeping into Facebook and going viral and you’re reading this because you’re worried that, if you subscribe to Maximum Leverage, you’ll have been scammed again, too, right?

What is Maximum Leverage?

From the outside, maximum leverage is just like most other internet marketing courses, right? It will teach you a “new secret” about internet marketing that will revolutionize your business. But you’ve heard that before at least 50 times, right?


What I liked about maximum leverage is this little story:

I subscribed to the DVD Boot Camp, expecting nothing. I went through the first couple of DVD’s and found that what I was already doing with my business was right on track. So, great, I had confirmed what I thought — nothing was new, nothing was different.

However, by DVD number 5 or so, I was beginning to sit up and pay close attention because new strategies that made really great sense were being revealed — there is the Solo Ad Secrets strategy and a masterful AdSense strategy that simply would not waste my money.

Did I fall into the maximum leverage scam? Absolutely not — hours upon hours of free (and obligation free) learning is not a scam.

The great thing is that these DVD’s were free for me to watch and learn from.

Did I Learn From the DVD Boot Camp?

I sure did, but just not quite enough — it was like a teaser and I wanted to know more, which is where the payment comes in – Daegan Smith has set up a whole platform for people to interact with each other and with him for live learning, and it’s called the maximum leverage Inner Circle.

To be honest with you, I haven’t joined it yet because, for my purposes, I am happy with what I learned from the DVD Boot Camp because my online home business is already thriving and I don’t feel that I need to subscribe to the Inner Circle yet, although that may chance in the future.

Is maximum leverage a Scam?

No, not at all. What frustrates me, though, is the time wasted with unnecessary sales pitch — there is a lot of noise in the content — personal stories and a bit of hype which, for some people, is not a bad thing, I guess because it does serve to motivate one in one’s business.

Would I Recommend the maximum leverage Boot Camp?

Absolutely. When Daegan says it’s for free, he means it, and you have nothing to lose. Whether or not you choose to become a paid subscriber to his Inner Circle thereafter is entirely up to you.

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