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Maximum Leverage – http://davidedemarco.com/daegan-lifetime-membership “Maximum Leverage is closing it’s doors for good and I just found out that Daegan is h…

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  1. David E DeMarco says:

    Thanks George. Hey you never know, buddy. That will be a fun video when it happens.

  2. David E DeMarco says:

    Yes they were. Looking forward to more epic times with you. buddy!

  3. Daegan Smith says:

    Those were some epic times big man. Now we got emmy award winners in the game. It’s heating up. Thank you sir.

  4. George Briere says:

    great video….looking forward to being included in one of your videos someday….

  5. David E DeMarco says:

    Thanks David. Yea, I’ve had a unique experience than most with Daegan and its been so cool. I sometimes wish I had a tape recorder going because of all the ideas that fly around. Good luck in the contest!

  6. Dave Gardner says:

    Nice Job David and great point on sharing it from the heart! What a great experience for you to be in the thick and thin of it all and working along side Daegan and Jason and being that “fly on the wall” and even better yet, acting on it!

  7. OneMartyMac says:

    Great Video from Emmy Winning Video Dude!

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