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Click here to know more: vitoriacastro.com Hi There! Interesting thing happened last night! Sunday, about to take a shower after enjoying the day with my hubby and what do I see on my “daily routine email checking”? : Andrea Goodsaid’s Video! SHOCKING! My husband and I were watching it for the first time(many times after that). Gosh we laugh so hard! What a great way to end the weekend! I truly enjoined the video not just because it was hilarious but also for feeling inspired by that “Bad Hair Day” Woman one more time 🙂 She caught the attention needed to market the context that Daegan Smith is promoting and made me jump out of my bad today morning to do a Video for the context also. …..Yes, things like that happen in our lives. What it matters? Just what you get out of it in a positive way! More info abt Daegan Smith’s maximum leverage click here! vitoriacastro.com If you liked the video please leave me a comment! Love, light & Success! Vitoria Castro

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  1. Vitoria Castro says:

    Janet thank you for your kindness. I’m also so sorry for you your loss. A real true friend is not easy to have and focus on being thankful for having had that in n your life.
    It was a very tough time for me. I was here..can not even say how difficult it was. But I had the opportunity to be with my family in Brazil and somehow it felt like Everybody was together…praying for them everyday makes me feel like they are just far away in Brazil…

  2. Janet Garcia says:

    I am sorry for you losses. There is always a healing process and it will take some time. I just lost last month my best friend too. Keeping myself busy at all time helps and like you said its good also to count with people around you that really care. God bless you… ~Janet Garcia

  3. Vitoria Castro says:

    Daegan Smith? Wait…yes, it is.. Daegan!! I feel honored to have you commenting on my video. Thank you so very much. It really means a lot to me.
    I’m the one to say YOU give me courage.

  4. Daegan Smith says:

    Awesome video. Thank you for your submission. You give me courage!

  5. Vitoria Castro says:

    Hey Radu!
    Thank You. I’m also glad that everything is happening in the same time so evgerything works better…easier 🙂
    I’m glad that I can be an inspiration to you somehow.


  6. Radu Dascalul says:

    Great video Vitoria:) I’m sorry for your familly members but I’m glad that you make progresses with your mlm and internet marketing at the same time!Thanks for the inspiration-Radu

  7. Vitoria Castro says:

    Isn’t it?

    Thank you Jaclyn! Cool that you take the tie to see it and leave a message.

    Warm hugs all the way from Texas 🙂


  8. jaclyncastro says:

    Awesome Vitoria! Online marketing rocks! Sending warm hugs all the way from Guam. -Jaclyn

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