Maximum Leverage 2011 Finalist: Michelle Alpha


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  1. AngelaWCM says:

    Awesome video Michelle – very inspirational.  Job well done.

  2. Residual says:

    This is a really nice video very clear and strategic.

  3. 7kimberlyt says:

    Awesome Michelle, thanks for sharing. Good job showing that X husband you can do it without him!

  4. JimStodghill says:

    Great Story – very inspirational!

  5. TammyMitchellf7 says:


  6. RyanOrtizv4 says:

    CCooool man .D

  7. KellyGibbs45 says:

    appreciative bro!!

  8. TraciAllisonms says:


  9. LynnRuizk7 says:

    Lmao legend triple nourishment bro loving it.

  10. MattieReesenn says:

    cool music thumbs up!

  11. MagneticLeader says:

    I “like” it…

  12. clcintxx says:

    Awesome!  Was great meeting you this weekend … You Rock!!!

  13. TheNetworkDad says:

    Great testimonial Michelle. Cant’ wait to see you take the leader board on his next contest as well!

  14. jeremysteam says:

    Michelle! You’re Brilliant with the Fb ppc 😉 Can’t believe your top 10! I’ll vote for ya

  15. Liflecken says:

    Great video!

  16. 100kmlm says:

    Michelle Rocks ;o)

  17. BroadwayNetworking says:


  18. BrendaTsiaousis says:

    Michelle - I wasn’t going to watch the video and am glad I did. I really resonated with not worrying about the winning but really not liking losing.. Congrats on your fabulous win. ( would like to find out more about the max leverage program)

  19. vanessaduplessie says:

    Michelle, I am glad we had the chance to spend the weekend together. You have grit girl and are someone I am looking forward to learning from and becoming better friends with. It’s about action baby!

  20. marinafmoss1 says:

    I voted for you !!

  21. SharonAnnIrwin says:

    Awesome Vid Michelle 😉 You Rock Girl!

  22. richmallinsontv says:

    Great video Michelle!! – Inspiring story of tenacity & action!

  23. wapitimeadow says:

    Congratulations Michelle 🙂 You are as tenacious as a Pit Bull. It seams that everything that you touch; turns to GOLD ! You deserve more Congratulations….

  24. mikewattstv says:

    Rock it michelle…

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