Mastering Social Media Marketing, 43Things, Part 2

Part 2: How to use www.43things.com (43-things) to promote your business, career or self utilizing one of the most powerful new online social media marketing techniques in the world. 43things.com maximizes your online community by helping you build an audience with a vested interest in your success. Vidgo Viral ( http ), your social media promotion provider, brings you a first look at ‘Twitter with Goals’. Or should we say ‘Twitter on Steroids’. If you haven’t incorporated 43things.com into online social media promotion plan, watch this video in our social networking series and get started.

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  1. hipposaraus says:

    you can really use social networking to promoter yourself

  2. VeraLotta says:

    43things is only the beginning for me

  3. opinion8d71 says:

    interesting newer site not sure if its 4 me

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