Master of Business Card Throwing:Ninja Guy

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  1. Mijatist says:

    0:46 can i

  2. w3bz3n1 says:

    Twisted fate!!!

  3. phxsuns93 says:

    Like bart simpson XD

  4. mrcampownz says:

    Oooommmmmggggg 1:28 perfect

  5. mrcampownz says:

    @anaaardvark i think its air conditioner filters

  6. Demysia says:

    needs a video where he throws it someone

  7. nintendokillsOoO says:

    1:28 – 1:30 over and over again

  8. ManBearPigDuck says:

    i dont get 1:36 – 1:45 i saw the card popthe ballon but i dont understand how it went through the 2 sheets of paper with out riping it. i didn’t see the small cut/rip

  9. siker4 says:

    teach me master…

  10. MrMrniceguy69 says:

    god forbid he discovers a ninja star

  11. icydia1 says:

    omg how does he throw that good make a tutorial plz 🙂

  12. LOLERSKATER100 says:

    @1:37 HADOKEN!

  13. MassiveAsian says:

    I rike their hats!

  14. mrbigstick says:

    this guy’s got skills. and a really nice camera.

  15. alewisgb says:

    i threw a credit card towards one of my mates at my house and i hit her square in the face and she pretended to cry

  16. menotspeakenglish says:

    It didn’t really look like it went through the papers 🙁
    otherwise, great 🙂

  17. lub094 says:

    xD anyway, he didn’t curve it 

  18. kamatayan8 says:

    Oh yea, I totally deserved the verbal abuse. I just saw someone say he curved it, so I took his word for it.

  19. lub094 says:

    he curved ur ass retard ..

  20. Shadowbangg says:

    Woah, Everyone watch out, a new ninja has arrisen. The Card-assassin ninja. Nice Job 🙂

  21. 92Nikel says:

    how about killing people?

  22. xXGen3sisXx says:

    GAY.. Seriously bad ass.. Now coat those with powdered glass and…

  23. 1728lorenxo says:

    i think it went thru the paper. I don’t think its a whiteboard

  24. somesrandompooper says:

    @armando23ish go fuckin kill ur self just because some is a actually good at some thing in life doesn’t mean ur faggot ass gets to try n fuck up u dumb shit cockboy

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