Mason Silva Disorganized Fun Part (BUY NOW!)

GO BUY THE DVD! ONLY HAVE A FEW COPIES LEFT! disorganizedfunkrew.bigcartel.com Filmed by:Andrew Freeman and Marc Ohata Additional Filming: Ryan Lee and Anthony Travis Edited by:Andrew Freeman Featuring:Mason Silva Song-Yulia by Wolf Parade Go support independent homie videos!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. CreamSteeze says:

    Yulia-Wolf Parade

  2. andres marin marin says:


  3. robertpaek1 says:

    scooping a switch tre is just really hard. you’re right people like p rod just have problems with hardflips but for the most part a switch tre would be so much harder. in this case trevor colden hardflipped the triple set so you know he’s much better at those

  4. larmando22 says:

    It’s an opinion that certain tricks are harder….I’m sure you see ppl who can sw tre and not really hardflip. Ever hear of P-Rod?

  5. robertpaek1 says:

    no thats pretty much a fact

  6. larmando22 says:

    That’s your opinion

  7. robertpaek1 says:

    cool. all I’m saying is that a switch tre is harder than a hardflip

  8. larmando22 says:

    Yeah but Trevor’s sw tre is irrelevant if you came here to watch Mason Silva

  9. robertpaek1 says:

    that makes no sense. its not like he’s bummed he got one upped by trevor colden he’s one of the top ams right now. even if he knew trevor would switch tre it he still would’ve hardflipped it

  10. larmando22 says:

    true but how was he supposed to know Trevor would sw tre it?

  11. maximoplf says:

    How the fuck they ruined such a nice song? How?

    Video’s cool by the way

  12. robertpaek1 says:

    hardflip is now such a popular over done trick and I’m sure way more people could do it than switch tre. both are hard but switch tre on that gap is soooo much harder

  13. larmando22 says:

    More ppl can sw tre than hardflip from what I’ve seen

  14. robertpaek1 says:

    you’d be surprised how many people can’t switch tre

  15. ChocolateWaxx says:

    its fucking trevor colden

  16. Yargaminshnarg says:

    That heelflip from the rock onto the other rock was coolio

  17. larmando22 says:

    that’s just in your opinion. You’d be suprised how many people can’t hardflip

  18. bleepiw says:

    I’m just saying a switch tre flip is obviously sicker. You know for the people who did’nt know he swith 3 flipped it.

  19. larmando22 says:

    so what?

  20. ThatAustinArtcher says:

    Favorite part in this video forsure!

  21. bleepiw says:

    That hardflip was sick. Trevor colden switch tre’d that tho

  22. OurBabyDolphus says:

    He’ll be pro

  23. To0Nasty says:

    this was great..

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