Marlon Sanders on Daegan Smith

DaeganSmith.com – I can remember back in 2004 buying all of Marlon Sanders info to start my business and it’s amazing to come full circle and to be able to contribute to his business and life at such a high level. Marlon Sanders, thank you my friend
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  1. redfox776 says:

    …For all you guys watching this video. Daegan IS the man, the top dog, ninja assassin and everything in between when it comes to making money online… He opens up his businesses and you can see EXACTLY what he does, and HOW he does what he does to generate thousands of leads, and hundreds of sales..´╗┐ His Solo Ad Secrets course helped me blow up my JaysATM.com site… Thanks to him and all he does. Daegan if you’re reading this, God bless bro!!!

  2. Eric Marlow says:

    I couldn’t hear what he was saying. NOT. Marlon´╗┐ Sanders is great in his own right. Cool beans you got a testimonial from him.

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