Marketing/Advertising For Ecommerce Websites

Marketing/Advertising For Ecommerce Websites

Article by Laura Johnson

Ecommerce websites need to provide high levels of concentrated marketing and advertising to break through the noise of the Internet. Reaching customers and providing the services they need to improve their lives proves difficult for any company. Finding ways to improve customer satisfaction and product awareness becomes increasingly difficult as more online businesses saturate the e-business market.1. Demographic Targeting: Marketers and advertisers must tailor their advertisements toward specific groups of people. Simply creating and ad and throwing it out for the world to see will do nothing if the right demographic isn’t reached. Learn about your audience to provide advertisements that they want.2. Truthful Advertising: You must be honest with your advertisements. The FTC clamps down on businesses that offer more than possible with products. If your item claims to do something, make sure that research backs up your claims.3. Social Media: One of the best ways to market a product involves getting others to talk about it for you. People distrust what companies say about their products, but they value friends and neighbors opinions. Find ways to get users to think about the social implications of your products and services.4. Purchasing Ad Space: Buying pay-per-click and cost-per-click ads provides one way of getting your product out into the world. However, it doesn’t do any good to shove your product in the customer’s face if they are not interested. Smart advertisers know that they should pay high-profile websites that relate to their products or services. Coming to the customer when they are looking for information about your product provides the best way to sell services.5. Brick and Mortar Advertisements: E-businesses still need to advertise using traditional media when possible. Get a television advertisement or hang flyers about your services in prominent locations to get people talking about and thinking about your products.6. Newsletters: Newsletters provide a way for busy visitors who like what you are offering to learn more about your products later. A visitor to your site who signs up may quickly forget they were ever there. However, if you have a newsletter you can bring them back to the website with offers and promotional materials and hopefully turn them into a customer.7. Free Products: Offer a free product or small gift with orders that exceed a certain dollar amount. Customers that receive the gift may give it to a friend or tell a friend about the item they received. This creates a self-sustaining marketing tool since customers value the opinion and satisfaction of their friend’s experiences when purchasing a product.8. Shipping Options: Provide multiple shipping options and advertise that you are providing free shipping to customers who order on specific dates or within specific time frames. By providing windows of opportunity to save money, you can market additional higher cost products during these time to increase overall sales.9. Consumer Trust: Building consumer trust through honest marketing creates returning customers who benefit your business. Develop a logo and create your brand to make marketing a simpler process and to associate your brand with excellence.10. Creating Buzz: Finding ways to get people talking about your products still provides one of the oldest and best ways to sell something. Offer interesting articles or videos that get people talking about your website. The more buzz you can create, the better your chances of selling products and services.Find out more about ecommerce site,Website design, conversion rate optimization, Search engine optimization, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media, Online Campaigns.

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Find out more about Ecommerce Online Marketing, Website Design, Conversion Rate Optimization, Search engine optimization, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media, Online Campaigns.

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