Marketer Russell Brunson Challanged By HOT Female MMA Fighter!

Viral Video Intros makes marketer russell brunson an offer the internet guru better not refuse! Internet marketer russell brunson is challenged to a 3 minute match by the famous jujitsu Gracie Family trained- -future MMA star Denise. The question is: will Russ Brunson mail his giant list for us? Or take an ass kicking from one of the baddest chicks on the planet? Or punk out? C’mon Russell Brunson……I’d mail. This girl beats up men in the gym for real…. and the Gracie Family have this chick READY FOR YOU, BRO. Be careful…….this girl might hurt you for real. Mail our custom viral video offer…u’ll make some major bling….and save an ass whipping! xxxVegasVince www.ViralVideoIntros.com CUSTOMIZED VIRAL VIDEO BADASSERY!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. xxjonathanericxx says:

    shes so hot

  2. MrVegasVince says:

    Russell Brunson challenged by Viral Video Intros.com bad ass MMA Female MMA fighter Denise to 3 minute “shoot fight” if he doesn’t mail our bad ass customized personalized viral videos made to order off your idea. U dream it. We film. Hot babes promoting your offer, site, or business etc.

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