Mark Hoverson Success Tip: Don’t Let Your Ego Get In the Way!

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  1. HerSuccessBluePrint says:

    1) The only reason you are getting that objection is because you are transmitting insecurity and disbelief over the phone. You are getting the question because you are EXPECTING it…

    2) In my opinion, the best response to the question, “how much money are YOU making?”, is “How much money do I have to make for YOU to be successful?” BAM – now you’ve put them back on the spot again!

  2. opp4wealth says:

    Nice Tip Lena, and generally I also like the (little) stuff I have seen so far from Mark, but what to say when the question comes up “So, tell me: Why aren’t YOU making money with this “great system”, yet?”. And: Doesn’t this tip goes against “Attraction Marketing”, “LEadership” and the “You, Inc.”?

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