Mark Hoverson Private Mastermind Retreat Mark Hoverson Private Mastermind Retreat for Global Resorts Network. Visiting with co owner Mark Hoverson 2 day mastermind. My business partner and I just recently spent a two day mastermind session with Mark. Here we take a break and I have a chance to interview him being successful in the network marketing industry.
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  1. Thank you for responding so quickly, So your saying work really hard and set goals to win contest so I can get free stuff. and then reinvest money into growing. Yes it makes sense. lol Thank You so much, I am working my butt off now and following David Wood and I saw you on the MLSP back office trainings and Love you and Diane Hochman such good energy.

  2. @valerieleuba Hi, I won this contest because I made most Global Resorts 3K each sales for his contest. It’s called hard work. I paid 3K to be a part of this program busted my butt, got his attention and put money in his pocket. Make sense?

  3. Hello Michelle, I admire you so much and aspire to be like you. I only have one question? How did you get a mentor? I have 2 different sponsors who say “I don’t know.” a Lot. what would you recommend. I am jealous you had 4 months with Mark Hoverson. How did you get the one on one training/coaching?
    Thank you
    Valerie Leuba

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