Mark Hoverson At Global Resorts Vegas Conference

www.TravelToWealth.net Theresa Moss 215-933-9286 Mark Hoverson, at the Global Resorts Vegas Conference in July, spoke about what is most important in our industry, and it isn’t sales skills. It’s leadership. Through his ability to bring out the very best in his team, Mark has the unique distinction of being one of the few Global Resorts representatives to not just build a downline, but to build a team of leaders capable of duplicating his success, and, even more importantly, passing this knowledge forward to their own growing teams. It is very rare in this industry to build a large downline. But to build a team of comprised of individual entrepreneurs in their own right is almost un heard of. At The Global Resorts Vegas Conference, Mark Hoverson is a shining example of leadership at its best. When you hear of a Global Resorts Rep who has been trained personally by Mark Hoverson, you are getting a gold stamp confirmation of that person’s credentials as a long term leader in Marketing. For More information on how to be trained by the best, and to see how you can get a FREE ticket to our next live event, call me. I look forward to hearing from you

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  1. Tmackattak says:

    Is Mark Hoverson a reincarnate of Billy Mays? lol´╗┐

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