Mark Hoverson – A Regular Guy Turned Marketing Guru

Mark Hoverson – A Regular Guy Turned Marketing Guru

Article by Herold Souter

In today’s complex modern world, things can get complex as well. This is never truer than in finance and business, including the new ways in marketing and sales. In recent times, the name Mark Hoverson strikes a familiar ring, most especially in online business growth strategies in network marketing.

Who is Mark Hoverson and why are they saying a lot of things for and against him? What does he do that people take notice of?

A short biography

From an advice article he wrote himself, Mark Hoverson is listed as a leading online marketer previously with Global Resorts Network and is now with Genewize Life Sciences. He reportedly scored 200,000 views on You Tube and is now a much sought-after trainer on “personal branding.”

He did not start out that way, though, in the beginning of his colorful career. Before he became famous in the network marketing circles, he was also one of the hundreds of thousands of wannabes in the MLM business.

Like any other good marketer, he tried to build his business in the good old traditional ways of recruiting. He bought leads, did home meetings, hotel briefings, and handed out DVDs and audio CDs.

Even if he was aggressive in building his business, and tried all the traditional strategies, he kept on failing. When he met another industry guru, Jeffrey Combs, things started to gel for him. Jeff taught him the secrets of attraction via online marketing systems.

When Mark Hoverson applied his personal creativity and passion to the new marketing medium, he found out that the very best prospects would call him, ready with their money and intent on joining his business.

As colleagues would put it, Mark is an “absolute marketing dynamo who applies a well-balanced strategy of marketing, branding, and affiliate programs” very strongly.

Two lessons

From his article, Mark outlined two very important marketing lessons for people who want to excel in the business. One of them is attracting the right customers with the right ad copy.

In his own words, Mark gives the first lesson in a question-and-answer form: “How do we find these ‘wealthy, affluent, educated, entrepreneurial’ people? Very simple: you attract them through specific marketing methodologies.”

“I use the phrase ‘Affluent Professionals’, which automatically attracts wealthy people… [and] repels [those] intimidated by the word ‘affluent.'”

“Next… I state explicitly that [the]…program requires at least 00. Then, a couple paragraphs later, I state that it costs about 00 to realistically position yourself for success. Thus, I have intentionally and methodically placed magnets throughout… to attract the people who have that kind of money, and repel the people who cannot join anyway.”

Mark’s second lesson is the often-overlooked fact that smart and savvy people hate advertising hype most of all.

Again, in his own words: “Realize that smart, savvy people are smart and savvy… [They] turn icy-cold [when they encounter]…scantily-clad women draped over Lamborghinis… sharp entrepreneurs don’t care about that stuff. They want relevant data… not low-rider magazine clip-outs with [pictures of] dollar bills dropping from the sky [in their ads].”

Parting shot

Again, in Mark Hoverson’s own words: “…Almost all marketing ideas that are popular in the home business industry are popularized by the 98% of people who fail. Take these two simple hints mentioned above, and join the top 2% of all earners in this industry…”

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