Margaret Cho – Eat Shit and Die – featuring Grant Lee Phillips

Margaret Cho’s new music video featuring Grant Lee Phillips, directed by Liam Sullivan. “Eat Shit and Die” is on Margaret’s comedy music album, “Cho Dependent.” Get the song: itunes.apple.com Get it on CD or Vinyl with automatic download of the whole album: jsrdirect.com A short film by Clownery Productions In association with Liam Show Productions Directed by Liam Sullivan Band Members: Selene Luna, Alex Burke on piano, and Grant Lee Phillips on ‘pootar’ Villain: Ryan Heffington Reporter: Ben Lee Reporter’s Girl: Iona Skye Photographer: Ian Harvie Carnival Barker: Drew Droege Tranny Whore: Joe Keane Drag Queen: Justin Parker Clown: Michael Perrick “Crimebo” Waitress: Augusta “Penny Starr” Ballerina: Jill Lauren Mime: Ilana Cohn Sullivan Featured players: Auriana-Lynn Melson, Kitty Diggins, Andrew Ableson, Juliet Sofea, Mela Lee, Sasha Fuentes, and Kevin Avery Audience: The fans who came out to the show at El Cid and made this possible. Thank you! Directed by Liam Sullivan Produced by Ilana Cohn Sullivan Executive Producer: Margaret Cho Executive Producer: Keri Smith Esguia 1st Assistant Director: Jason Brown Production Coordinator: Jessie Boemper Production Assistant: Sarah Martin Director of Photography: Neal Lett 1st Assistant Camera: Brandon Lawrence B Camera Operator: Kamali Minter B Camera 1st Assistant Camera: Mickey Meyer Gaffer: Todd Nicodemus Key Grip: Todd Nicodemus Grip: Travis Prow Costumes: Charlie Altuna Costumes and Prop Design (Pootar and Poo Suits): Al
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. PixilDollie says:

    Why are we all talking about the trans woman? Wasn’t the point of the video to “eat shit and die”?

  2. ideologger says:

    “pishwa” is appropriative and therefore offensive, asshole. Trans women who want to force lesbians to suck their dicks – erm, I mean neo-clits- are offensive, misogynistic and rapey.

  3. ideologger says:

    Because the post-modernist twanz want to “break through” the cotton ceiling and force all lesbians to suck dick and learn to love it. Google it if you think I’m full of it.

  4. ideologger says:

    Poor twanz baby! The way you M2Ts behave you’d think that the only people ever murdered, raped, or discriminated against were trannies. Get a life and grow up.

  5. BryanCristofer says:

    Perfect. ♥

  6. NarutimateItachi says:

    Why are people even offended? Margaret is one of the biggest supporters of the LGBT community. She’s a comedian. She makes jokes. If you think saying tranny is offensive, then why do you even watch these videos? Never watch Lisa Lampanelli if something as small as this song offends you. It’s a hilarious song. Margaret is actually a very loving and kind person who believes in peace and love between human beings. If you get offended, you’ve never seen any of Margaret’s stand up acts and speeches.

  7. MrPixieWillow says:

    Can you all just eat shit and die. This tranny argument is fucking retarded. Suck out.

  8. meadowsfox says:

    Yeah I know. I ran out of comment space and I mostly wanted to point out that the ‘bi’ in ‘bisexual’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘men + women’ and can include attraction to people who have non-binary gender identities.

  9. pishwa says:

    “genders different to our own” also refers to gender fluid people

  10. pishwa says:

    you’re excused

  11. pishwa says:

    “tranny” is offensive, asshole

  12. pishwa says:

    except you can be bisexual and like transgender people.

  13. kkilco says:

    Fuck you Margaret Cho. Dozens of trans women have been murdered THIS YEAR ALONE, you fucking cissexist piece of shit.

  14. Thomas Freeman says:

    Oh EXCUSE ME! 

  15. meadowsfox says:

    Referring to trans women as t***nies is completely unacceptable, Margaret Cho. You should fucking know better.

  16. meadowsfox says:

    “She’s bi AND married to a man.”
    Fixed that for you.

    Being married to a man isn’t contrary to being bisexual.

  17. meadowsfox says:


    1) “Transgender” is not a gender identity. It describes a person’s gender history. When you put trans women and trans men in a different category than cisgender men and cisgender women, you perpetuate the harmful idea that trans people aren’t ‘really’ the gender they identify as.

    2) She identifies as bi and linguistically — the “two” in “bisexual” might refer to attraction to genders alike to our own (=homosexuality) + attraction to genders different from our own (=heterosexuality).

  18. writingisnotacrime95 says:

    I’ve got balls of steel

  19. TheAwkwardOh says:

    dont ask me why, your love is a lie. there is no you and I, so you should try to Eat Shit And Die. <3

  20. TerribleTerryn says:

    She is technically pansexual. She likes girls,boys, and transgender.

  21. AlyHuang says:


  22. L0rdJ0n3Z says:

    nice voice,
    the instruments are a little crappy though

  23. Thomas Freeman says:

    She’s bi but married to a man

  24. LilNii says:

    Sounds great but – I didn’t find it funny. I actually find the sound and rhythm having … well  movie quality.

  25. Sherlockadin says:


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