Make A Wish – Short Film

“Billy Myers is an all-star baseball player. Braden Anderson is a sick child. Together they make each other’s dreams come true. ” Starring: Ryan Lee, Dave Buckman, John Ramsey & Lizabeth Waters Written & Directed by: David Ward Executive Producers: Russell Groves & Andrew Lee Associate Producer: Bradley Jackson Cinematographer: Ricardo Diaz www.davidwardfilm.com

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  1. ICONicboyz371 says:

    thats ryan lee?

  2. XxHollyKennyFanxX says:

    Ryan you can kiss me any day! My beautiful husband-3

  3. Pevalwen says:

    ….What on Earth was that about? :P

  4. heartbeat43210 says:

    Awwwwwwwwww Ryan :’) u can kiss mee-3

  5. leafpool3469 says:

    ryan lee- you know what i’ll never do? kiss a girl!!
    me- heee heeee you can kiss mee <333

  6. PinkShockah1 says:


  7. KittyAnimations says:

    He wasn’t saved -.-

  8. GreysonChanceRocks22 says:

    I love Ryan Lee in these short films let’s hope he’ll be in more short films.

  9. GreysonChanceRocks22 says:

    I love Ryan Lee in these short flims let’s hope he’ll be in more.

  10. bellabugg5613 says:

    Lulz. I shouldn’t have but i laughed when Billy hit him in the face. It looked like it hurt.

  11. ilawfryanlee says:

    Ryan. U could kiss me I love u

  12. ilawfryanlee says:

    Awww my Ryan was soooo good I totally love him

  13. amazingerica100 says:

    ummmm why dont you shut up

  14. supraisswag says:

    What the hell.ya little girls know he isnt really dead right so please shut up

  15. amazingerica100 says:

    i swear in the end billy lies 🙁

  16. xleahaax says:

    love u ryan xxxx

  17. amazingerica100 says:

    i <3 you soooooooooooooooo much xxxxxxx


  18. XxXluvtherasmusXxX says:

    awww ryan, there are losts of girls out there who would definatley kiss you … including me Xx

  19. iloveronanparke99 says:

    omg he will never kiss a girl he could kiss me 😉

  20. iloveDavidtaylor000 says:

    Aww ryans so cute

  21. GothicHearts05 says:

    Wtf sort of disrespectful you pretend to be disabled just use someone real it’s more Beuatiful that way ^_^ they’re so nice too.

  22. sophie4jedward says:


  23. nutcornstudios5 says:

    I’m not so sure I get how it’s funny…

  24. ohcrapitsjustine says:

    I’ll kiss you Ryan don’t worry I’ll kiss you any time you want

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