Major Lazer & La Roux ft. Rusko – Tigerlily (DYWHAP Blend)

From the LazerProof mixtape by Major Lazer (Diplo + Switch), released May 26th 2010 on Diplo Records. You can get it for free here: sub.maddecent.com Do buy La Roux and Major Lazer’s album, both are amazing! I did not make or own this track.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Sonik731 says:

    I have the weirdest boner right now…

  2. CosmahLena says:

    I think this song just did dirty things to my ears….but i liiiike it!

  3. THRoWBACkKANdi says:

    fuckin filthy !!! just as it should be

  4. angie9990 says:

    this is by far the best version of this track!

  5. SjokkoladeBolleMusa says:

    what is the original Rusko track called???


    fucking amazing

  7. vsampiremoogleslayer says:

    I listened to the original version and thought it was awsome, must have listened to it a half a dozen times, then i heard this one and now i cant stop listening to it…her voice is so powerful and hypnotizing, this song is like crack…

  8. Manawski says:


  9. Agmb92 says:

    Love that filthy bass! Gimmie more!

  10. HellaBeed says:


  11. EltJohn says:

    oh, wow.. I normally don’t comment on songs saying THIS IS AWESOME or how ‘dirty’ some songs are but this is just.. WOW. I’m loving the combination of la roux’s voice (whose songs are more upbeat) and the beats which seem darker. Weird/awesome mix.

  12. SHOOKSLAY says:


  13. SHOOKSLAY says:

    official.fm/tracks/163423 (just add the world wide web part and take away the square at the end once pasted in the address bar). YOUR WELCOME!!! WHOLE ALBUM BTW

  14. m6ttie666 says:

    This is so filthy it probably carries bubonic plague

  15. LemonMerigueTie says:

    that drop made me jizz a little

  16. lenzorb619 says:

    dirtiest bass i have ever heard

  17. anonbeats says:

    @SomewhatStaid do you wanna have a party by rusko

  18. Dom12435 says:

    @SomewhatStaid  Do you wanna have a party

  19. SomewhatStaid says:

    What Rusko track are they sampling?

  20. strangedailythings says:

    @Ph0Xy Ah I see. I thought Lazerproof was supposed to be the name of this particular track

  21. Ph0Xy says:

    @strangedailythings The title clearly says Tigerlily. Lazerproof is the name of the mixtape I got this track from.

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