MAGNETIC WOMAN part 2: Understanding Vibrational Energy

During a Stiletto University class, Shanel Cooper-Sykes teaches the Law of Attraction and How to control your vibrational energy. This is only a SMALL part of the law of attraction. The rest of the lesson will be taught in Shanel’s Magnetic Woman online class. For more info go to
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  1. I learned about you through a video posted by a young man in a group I am a part of… All I can say at this point is that what you are doing and saying is excellent and I will use whatever tools you share to become the woman of excellence I was created to be. BLESSINGS!!!!

  2. I’ve been with you since day one… don’t comment much but I do follow your progress. I have one word… IMPRESSED!

  3. “Our emotions have a vibratory frequency to them. There are only two emotions that humankind experience, fear and love. While other emotions branch either directly or indirectly from these two emotions. Fear has a long and slow frequency vibration to it, while love has a very rapid and high frequency.” badu

  4. Great explanation! I love this video. Alot of times people say “think positive” or some arbitrary inspirational quote but rarely do they break it down and explain how. Thank you for taking the time to explain how to do it.

  5. YES!!! No wonder my art instructor serves wine at our classes!! Hahaha! We end up creating some really beautiful stuff; because we are stimulated. Great lesson, Shanel 🙂

  6. Alcohol is also depressant. Artist aren’t usually drugged up to create beauty. Master pieces take years to make, not just several drugged up trips. You should not use pseudo science to make a point, because then your whole point is considered a fallacy.

  7. So, when you fear anything like getting to know new people or asking for something, does you level of vibration stays down?

  8. cray actions requal crazy results… we act nuts to get greatness. we love you spirit of love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Ok I just watched this and it was soo amazing and so true..I dont even know what to say except THANK YOU for posting this…I really appreciate it. This really showed me that when I am not consciously creating a positive space for myself then I become a victim of other peoples stuff.

  10. Shanel how can I met you..You are the big sister I wish I had! OMG..I am a photography student who needs to work on her confidence and asserting myself as a professional..and stop being taken advantage of…. One day I hope to do photography of u as well! 🙂 (Im speaking it into exsistance~lol)

  11. I appreciate all of your love and comments. I only ask that you USE THIS. PRACTICE THIS. and DO THIS. I love all of you. (Even those who think im nuts! 🙂

  12. you are doing such a good thing and im so glad its available on forwarding this video to many friends and i am watching it for the second time..thanks

  13. I’m not into this type of female but I thought I was the only person who figured this out. Its even more intereating that iys coming from a BW at that.

  14. Thank you for this my life has been one hell of a up an down game. From broken heart to lost jobs to miscarrying putting on weight. I have been so off balanced an just lost on getting back on track. I thought I was going crazy I had so many feeling going on. Crying, mad, angry, happy, sad,laughing an more. Just going Bipolar on people due to I was mad about my life. Feeling like it was everyone else fault no mine blaming God. I woke an took control of me an got my stuff in order. Thank you

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