MAGNETIC WOMAN: How to be the woman you desire to be Shanel Cooper-Sykes teaches Confidence and the Law of Attraction at Stiletto Univerisity before taking the women on the Stiletto March. Stiletto University is a private, exclusive school in NYC where Shanel teaches women how to live Extraordinary Lives. Shanel is now accepting new students. To learn more go to:
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25 Replies to “MAGNETIC WOMAN: How to be the woman you desire to be”

  1. Jesus is the only way to cancel out any negative thing that has been spoke on you or your family. You may ask why Just Jesus? It is because God is love…Nothing else! We are a mixture of things. Jesus is the physical being that cleanses n transmit our prayer in a pretty package so that God can recieve it:) So being loving and forgiving people doesn’t mean a thing if jesus isn’t involved. And don’t be scared of your past..that’s why we cleasnse our mind daily! Hope This helps you Presca Monmi!!

  2. Happy that you are exposing a lot of people to a new way of thinking but you need to keep your ego in check. Watched your new video and I was disappointed, for some people $30 means something. Keep your ego in check Shanel

  3. Oh wow I get it now…I’ve started my self love journey and I’m thankful for people like Shanel,who make it easier to better myself. Low-Self Esteem is a sickness that I and many other beautiful women need to cure. Thank You!!!

  4. i am suffering with not likeing who i am most of the time and it truely hurts being this way i would love to know how to change that

  5. I have casted my burdens unto The Lord this morning. By his grace, I am extraordinary, attractive, beautiful, talented, intelligent, successful and highly favoured. Today, money and success are coming to me, I feel it, I speak it, I write it down and I share it with you!

  6. Please tell me there’s a male version of you… If not, I must become him now… My wife would be ALL THE WAY turned up!!! Keep it up Ms. Cooper!!

  7. Listen to this women She actually changed my life. Im happier,and I believe my change in thinking secured me a job today that I wouldnt have gotten otherwise. Sending my love from London Shanel. Thank you xxx

  8. What’s wrong with the sound on this video? I checked my speakers its not that because I could hear the audio from the ad before the video.

  9. There is a process to arriving at an acceptance of new ideas. I don’t think wondering about people suffering is an extreme as there is much suffering in the World. Many people choose to turn a blind eye to it. You don’t have to go to the “children in Africa” example to wonder about our fellow human beings who are hurting. I work with them everyday.

  10. I disagree with you. Yes, question! questions are always good but at the end you still have to agree or disagree/ accept or not accept. The person also has to have a willing heart and open mind through the questioning and decision process (not just state an extreme).

  11. I love this! Sometimes I have to catch myself and stop my mind from going in a negative direction. “Cancel that” has become a regular part of my self development terminology (LOL) and it REALLY makes a difference! I’ve attracted so many wonderful things. And not just tangible things, but good communiction with my man, More spiritually aligned, recognition for things that I deserve to be recognized for!! It’s amazing. Thank you, Shanel, for inspiring us and helping us to be EXTRAORDINARY XOXO

  12. I don’t think its as simple as “something you accept or do not”, I think that there’s nothing wrong with questioning a concept that you may be unfamiliar with and undecided on. Many people may not have been exposed or have had this concept explained to them the way Shanel has so eloquently put it here. If you are a compassionate person I would think its only natural to wonder why another human has to suffer while you are not.

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