MAGNETIC- Traphik feat. Tori Kelly- Official Music Video

download at http://traphik.bandcamp.com subscribe to the lovely and talented Tori http://youtube.com/torikelly Directed by Todd Angkasuwan http://www.toddang…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. newsofyourdeparture says:

    “I’m feelin like spring in past tense” #dopestlyricever

  2. Shafi lebaws says:

    Tim… so whens the next tori kelly collab? /pretty please

  3. Ronald Lay says:

    man i love this song, tim needs to come out with more songs like this 🙂

  4. Stephanie Lao says:

    See? You’ve supported my observation.

  5. thatgirl3131 says:

    i dont think its on itunes but u can download it for free

  6. XCILE625 says:

    So? She has lots of Asians that she’s friends with.

  7. Tetoe Tetoe says:

    You already know that horrible situation when your nephew (who’s been a loser forever) gets an incredible girl to fall for him in 2 weeks? Yep, that materialized. I understand I ought to be happy nevertheless I wish it was me. He stated he learned from the Cupid Love System (Search for it in Google). I want to hide inside a cave at this point…

  8. Quintin Gilmore says:

    this is probably my favorite song of his

  9. Tadersalad94 says:

    So… I hear you like balls…

  10. Emily Reese says:


  11. Emily Reese says:


  12. Emily Reese says:


  13. Emily Reese says:


  14. Mark Williams says:

    fxck You then

  15. Makela Hadiya says:

    Love it!

  16. Los Skeye says:


  17. Max Musich says:

    Sick beat

  18. Cioni Valentine says:

    I Love This Song!!!

  19. Blake Tyson says:

    Is Tim jogging with jeans on?

  20. Stephanie Lao says:

    1. I am Asian. You can even tell by my last name lol.
    2. Of course it’s not, I actually think it’s kinda cool. I was just pointing out an observation I made.

  21. maldobostero12 says:


  22. Niambi Dalia says:

    1. and you are…? ( by looking at ur pic I thought u were Asian) 2. Is that a problem?

  23. Milliyana Miller says:

    I love this!

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