!!!MAGNETIC SWIPE CARD!!! Crazy Chris is checking in while he checks out magnetic strip cards and shows you how to see the magnetic attraction on the card!!! Objective: to understand the uses of magnatisum. Materials Needed: ~ Magnetic Strip Card ~ Sheet of Paper ~ Iron Nail ~ Nail…
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  1. mike lucido says:

    I tell you one thing Crazy Chris. It would be an honor to be friends with you on face book. If I had a place and could be your camera man I would be the first to step up to the plate. I think you have been doing a great job… and I hope that someone helps you to continue.

  2. josethejetman says:

    dude cut that hair

  3. jaythedogg says:

    @Socoolscienceshow nyour… lol. Just teasing. :-)

  4. jaythedogg says:

    Megnetic? LoL

  5. mike lucido says:

    What happened, Crazy Chris? Did they not see that making science files on YouTube was potentially one of the great ways to wealth and fame? Or did they just need a few extra bucks to keep them happy?

    You’ll see, my friend. You were doing a great job there. Very consistent. Though, a bit of critique wouldn’t hurt. But chin-up. Some doors must close so that others may open.

  6. crumplezone1 says:

    As an inquisitive child I was always drawn to the field of magnetism 🙂
    Welcome back CC !
    You would have to be a fool to see that science is sub-zero cool, yay !!

  7. Pegasusthebeyblade says:

    Hmm looks like everybody doesn’t respond to videos quickly

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