Magnetic Sponsoring: What It Is In addition Is It Genuinely All That….

Magnetic Sponsoring: What It Is In addition Is It Genuinely All That….

Article by Willaim Marino-Nachison

Magnetic Sponsoring by Mike Dillard, what is it? I’ll simply put it this way…. “It’s the bible of Network Marketing”. At least that’s how I perceive it.

But, my view wasn’t that at all back in 2007 after I first came across Magnetic Sponsoring.

Back at that moment, I was doing what you may perhaps be doing right at this point, probing the web for information to assistance me building my network marketing business online…. LOL, if you could label it that.

Yes until I uncover Magnetic Sponsoring, I was like all other struggling networker trying to build up a fortune by spamming every site I could find, with what I viewed as the best opportunity on the earth, that people would be lining up to join.

The outcome…. I earned the name of spammer, had some social networking accounts shut down as well as never made a dime!

It was at that point I realized I didn’t hold a dam clue of what I was doing.


After coming across magnetic sponsoring one day while seeking for advice, I opted in to receive the 7 free videos that had been offered on the optin page.

After watching the first 3 video lessons, I truthfully thought, “This is a scam!”

My explanation for thinking this, what Mike was talking about as well as sharing in the videos was so different from what I had been taught via my up line, I figured there was no way this stuff worked.

I remember lying in bed then thinking, “What if the stuff in those video lessons really worked?” since what I was doing noticeably wasn’t.

The next day I woke up and ordered Magnetic Sponsoring. Back then you could only get the hard copy so it took some days for it to come.

(CLICK HERE ==> magnetic sponsoring to view the seven compelling videos)

But once it did, I took two hours read through it once and I was completely BLOWN AWAY! So much so, that I read it once more.

I have since read it 28 times, yes 28! And boy I’m fortunate I came across it!


Let me first disclose this, magnetic sponsoring is NOT a “How to” book. It does not teach you the “nuts and bolts” of building your MLM business.

Instead, it shows you creative concepts as well as principals, that you ought to build your business around!

Things such as:

1. The concept of Attraction,2.Growing your business has zero to do with your Network Marking company,3.The ideal prospect you must be targeting,4.How to make currency, even when individuals say NO to joining your network marketing business.

Remember I said, I was introduced to things that were so different from what I was taught? After reading this list, I sense you have to be in agreement, your upline isn’t exposing you to this sort of stuff.


Thank goodness I came across Magnetic Sponsoring, it fully changed the way I have created my business.

And I can honestly reveal that had I never learned the things that this powerful book has to share, I would not be in this business today.

If it was up to me, magnetic sponsoring would be taught in every big business school throughout this land…. That’s just how essential of a book I think it is.

If you’re struggling in your network marketing business, I encourage you to watch the 7 FREE videos and then order your copy today…. I promise you it will be the best .95 you ever invest in your business and yourself.

(CLICK HERE ==> magnetic sponsoring to watch the seven impressive videos)

As always, leave your remarks and share your thoughts, I always love to hear them. And if you have found this post to be of significance, then please share it with others.

Much success, Anthony McNeil

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