Magnetic Sponsoring Testimonial – How I Won Mike Dillard’s Contest!

www.betternetworker.com magnetic sponsoring is awesome! I just got a call from Craig Allen, the affiliate manager for magnetic sponsoring letting me know I won a contest that I didn’t even know existed. This is how I did it. Ha ha this is awesome.
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  1. randyreekmkt says:

    Congrats, Dave
    Lead on my friend!
    Magnetic Sponsoring is REQUIRED for the correct mindset in marketing today!
    Randy Reek

  2. SuccessWithRandy says:

    Congrats on the Prize, David!

    Magnetic Sponsoring continues to be a REQUIREMENT for EVERYONE on my team! You can swim with the flow or against the current, and Magnetic Sponsoring is the path of least resistance!

    Randy Reek

  3. freemakemoneyonline says:

    I just created a magnetic sponsoring video on my channel as well. David, I love your stuff homie. I’m going to subscribe to your channel right now!  Thanks!

  4. mlmsummit says:

    Great video from my sponsor in MLM Lead System Pro! Thanks for the recommendation David! Check out my review of Magnetic Sponsoring in the video responses

  5. nistyes says:

    Great stuff 🙂

  6. salvatorecorso says:

    That’s awesome David and so are you, Congrats!

    Keep the great content coming.. Can’t stop reading your blogs.

    Sal Corso

  7. MLMGlobalTakeover says:

    Thanks For the Props You all are awesome and are going to make millions! Looking for you at the TOP!

  8. LinSanford says:

    Pretty inspiring story David-Congratulations!

    Lin S

  9. onlinementor101 says:

    Hey David

    Great video glad to see your doing well with magnetic and sharing so much value with everyone. Looking forward to getting to know you.

    Robert Phillips

  10. thatMLMbeat says:

    Hey David, that must be the coolest thing I’ve seen happen to anyone. Congrats man!

    And your blog is rocking so many top tier keywords it’s scary!

    Congrats again!

    George Fourie

  11. dianemummvideos says:

    David, this is very exciting to see , it gives people hope that we can all achieve anything if we have the right mindset and tools.. well done

    Diane Mumm

  12. karstenal says:

    This is all so true.

    Well Done

    Arnold Karsten

  13. DeanMcNamara says:

    Haha great story David!

    How cool is that someone who wins the affiliate competition by accident just because they were doing exactly what MS tells you to do!

    All the best for your future,

  14. eddrostjr says:

    David Congratulations, all your hard work is paying off and thanks for all the information and content

    Ed Drost

  15. jcorona7 says:

    Awesome man! Nice packaging strategy……I used to use that strategy back in the old days selling insurance.

    To you continued wealth & abundance,


  16. evsmmusic says:

    Hi David,thanks for inspiring words, i to am a MS person,I like the tip about telling your new people to buy the course!! i will do it that way fron now on.

    Thanks hollis

  17. BabyBoomerMLM says:

    Great job, David!

    You’re impacting people in a positive way, and should be reaping the rewards. Thanks for reminding us of the right way to do things!


  18. EmmaTiebens says:

    Hi David!

    Wow, congratulations! Thanks for this amazingly transparent and inspiring video! I am sure tons of people related to your story… I know I did! Cheering you on as you continue to positively impact people’s lives! Yes, it was MS Mike Dillard and the MS team that got me started in June 2007 and my life is never the same! The best is yet to come!

    Kind Regards,

    Emma Tiebens 😉

  19. micmei2008 says:

    David , Great Job! I love the Mike’s stuff. I have learnt so much from it.

  20. micmei2008 says:

    Great David! I absolutely Love Mike Dillard’s stuff. I have learnt so much from him.

  21. operationmlm says:

    Great job David. You are the man!


  22. onlinebizmentor says:

    Yes David!! You are awesome bro!! WOW! – Norbert

  23. UMBCSS says:

    Agreed. I bought Magnetic Sponsoring, and it has transformed the way I do MLM too.

  24. TheInternetRockstar says:

    haha, i lOVE it!!!

    how freakin’ sweet is that!!!

    you rock wood!!

    so dillard’s principles work, go figure 😉


  25. PhilipTeeter says:

    Good Video David !!! How good is it to win something when you dont even know !!!

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