Magnetic Sponsoring Review Magnetic Mike Dillard magnetic sponsoring is and has been growing in popularity over the last few years in network marketing circles. But what exactly is it? What is it about? And, most importantly, can it help you with your network marketing Business? What does it NOT do? Ill answer all of these questions below in this Review of magnetic sponsoring First, Mangetic Sponsoring is a combination of a few things. When you go ahead and decide to purchase it, you will receive several things: a generic website which you can promote yourself to earn something known as affiliate commissions, a hard copy manual which will be mailed to you, and personal access to the back-office of In that back-office, you will be provided practical training on how to get started advertising and building your complete business online. Probably the most important part of magnetic sponsoring is the training manual you receive in the mail (or you can get it via pdf now). Honestly, some of the best training you can receive has nothing to do with websites, or motivation, or leads, or whatever. This medium sized booklet contains several themes, however, there are two of which that provide the most value. A central theme of magnetic sponsoring is how to incorporate your network marketing business into a franchise type of model where all of your income is not dependent soley upon your success in your specific business. My main takeaway from this course is that you can

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