magnetic Shielding

How to shield magnetic Flux. How to block Magnetic Attraction.
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  1. waterkeeper03 says:

    stupid waste of time. you use a bunch of material in between magnets and claim success when the magnet is drawn to a metal tape measure???

    I suppose a refrigerator is a good form of magnetic shielding as well….

  2. Eyal Marcos Levit says:

    @Rod5157 Can you please specify what materials were you using and the scale from 1 to… of the best material relative to it`s thickness.

    Thank you.

  3. Eyal Marcos Levit says:

    break* it…

  4. silveraspen68 says:

    What about jewelry, buttons, eye and sun glasses in this “electromagnetic” shielded field? Metal art nouveau is OK near the computer and our Brain?

  5. genwitts says:

    So a piece of metallic measuring tape will block a magnetic field?

  6. despinapjr says:

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  7. thomas05t says:

    I can make shields

  8. radovandjurdjevic89 says:

    ahha jel ti pise na metru GSP :DDDD svaka cast :DDD za vid

  9. mikefromspace says:

    You mean “Break” it. But I would say not since all hard drives now are magnetically shielded. There’s nothing inside that can be harmed from magnetics like this. A super strong neodymium magnet might mess up the lcd screen, but you’d have to have it very close.

  10. fuelban says:

    There are no known forms of shielding from magnetism, engineers simply conduct it away by using steel, check out FuelBan & Magnet Motors 1.wmv …….. videos 1 to 3, you can get an idea how to manipulate the steel to suite rotation. But it is not shielding , you are conducting forces away from a given location.
    Thom in Scotland.

  11. rathat48 says:

    Hard drives are not as sensitive as you would think. His computer is fine were it is.

  12. Godarth says:

    Oh god!!! Magnets to close the notebook. You may lost all your data and delete your eprom memory. Restore the eprom memory is sooooooooooooo boring and hard to resolve.

  13. edwardsaladhands says:

    on coments one sais mu metal mu metal mu metal the other sais pricy pricy pricy well if u do want to use mu metal then get a pc harddrive and there is mu metal in it but problem is its not so big so its ok if u got smaller magnets.cheers

  14. KoenigZander says:

    The key is the radius on your tape measure piece, all others were flat.

  15. 0VladalV0 says:

    this video adds absolutely nothing to its name, there is no Gauss meter, there are no numbers and there are no shields. The only phenomena that is present in this clip is ferromagnetism

  16. vincentgratton16 says:

    mu-metal! mu-metal! mu-metal!

  17. audiegates says:

    I believe the key is the radius on your tape measure piece : all the others were flat.. right?

  18. jamesroney says:

    Search, “One Way Magnetic Shielding” is blows this demo out of the water.

  19. axelmenson says:

    if the magnetic is near to your laptop say goobye to it

  20. Careica says:

    Don’t Keep Those Magnet Near Your Computer! It will broke it!

  21. davidchenard says:

    Wow I have a lot to learn. Thanks.

  22. Paxmax says:

    davidchenard: “stainless steel partially blocks the field from going through it?”
    The thing with magnetic flux is it can’t be “blocked” or “absorbed” only diverged.
    A low permeability material will diverge some of the flux and some will pass through like nothing ever was in the way.

    Some materials pose a slightly lower permeability than vaccum and air -IE some flux will chose a longer path around it than through. That is “weakening” flux since it is dipersed -keyword: MINIMAL effect

  23. davidchenard says:

    I didn’t know that. Would a curve matter? Do you mean stainless steel partially blocks the field from going through it? Does a non magnetic substance with a low magnetic field permeability exist that you are aware of?

  24. Paxmax says:

    It all depends on what alloy of steel.
    Some have high permeability IE a great capability to “short circuit” magnetic fields.
    Some steel alloys, like most stainless mixtures, often have low permeability.
    Copper, aluminum, gold, platinum have virtually NO impact of magnetic fields, just like air.

  25. shubus says:

    Neon271156 is right–this is not defusion but flux redirection to alternate pathways of the flux. You can see these redirection with magnetic film.

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