Magnetic Putty Time Lapse 1080p

Magnetic putty time lapse as it absorbs a rare-earth magnet. Taken over 1.5 hours at 3fps, played back at 24fps. The magnetic putty will eventually arrange i…

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  1. Eliot W says:

    Why is there porno music?

  2. hulingvileenu says:

    It took so long as in order to 1989 until the decision had been taken to open the Journal to contributions from all over the world.

  3. remonazlebowitzq says:

    Guidance on conditions, where the Mothers and fathers may Choose to Inform their Children at Home.

  4. Chadwick Adams says:

    Where is the music from?

  5. xandrellbrillantes says:

    Its poop eating a magnet

  6. Aluzky says:

    I would have stick 2 eyes to that putty before making the time lapse.

  7. Braeden Young says:

    That explains the boss from Pikmin 3…

  8. Minerfilm Productions says:


  9. louie stevens says:

    I’m in that sciencey part of youtube again :p

  10. Joshua Moore says:


  11. AWESOM3king says:


  12. Dimas Chandra says:

    well, 9gag brings me here XD

  13. diamondsnakeful says:

    it looks like it want to say ” i’m taking my time eating my magnet mum! “

  14. latisha008 says:

    Good come back asshole..lol

  15. nilleftw says:

    You “wasted” even more by typing that stupid comment.

  16. vwman65a says:


  17. latisha008 says:

    I just wasted 52 seconds of my life! (((So boring)))

  18. PorschephileRS says:

    I love your brain

  19. alcarazkjordanj says:

    He or she stood generally there, his hands in his wallets.

  20. cameramanage says:

    Get in my belly!

  21. Elius Linkus says:

    as the borg would say, You will be assimilated!

  22. T0rc95 says:

    is there a way to get the magnet back or the putty eats the magnet?

  23. Patrick Armstrong says:

    Should do a real-time lapse of this.

  24. rgep4ever says:

    0:41 And that my friends is what a black anus looks like. =)

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