Magnetic Messaging Review: The Real Inside Scoop

http://motiive.net/magnetic-messaging/ The Magnetic Messaging program is a modern take on how to attract the opposite sex. As you know, texting is the standa…
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  1. Motiive says:

    Magnetic Messaging: Insider Review

  2. Łukasz Jap says:

    Can iget a copy 4 free?

  3. MultiFacebookPirater says:

    How is this different from all the other dating guides?

  4. Alexandra Clark says:

    Hey MerkiBoss. The system is designed for you to nab a date within 3-5
    texts after you get a girl’s number. So…not long.

  5. DJ Cush says:

    I’ll do a review for you if you can share a copy.

  6. NormView says:

    I could review hotties like this all day.

  7. Peoples Cullen says:

    How do i buy this?

  8. heartboy23 says:

    This is too funny

  9. Abekl Tansy says:

    How do I download this?

  10. @declaws has cancer says:

    How much does Magnetic Msg cost?

  11. Ivor Yistorm says:

    At least this was a different video. All those other magnetic messaging
    review vids are all the same.

  12. iCrackPro says:

    I heard magnetic messaging is a scam.

  13. BeastMW4Clips says:

    I think you just need to be yourself. Always worked for me and I’ve never
    had a problem getting dates. You don’t have to follow all that usual crap
    advice about insulting a girl to get her attention. Not saying this system
    does that i dont know anything about it. Treat her right and you dont have
    anything to worry about

  14. Alexandra Clark says:

    Hey Catherine, I include a few example texts in one of the other videos on
    this channel. It discusses the key lock sequence. The link to that video is
    at the end of the description above.

  15. Michael Burris says:


  16. Alexandra Clark says:

    Sorry DJ, I can’t give you a copy in exchange for a review. You’ll have to
    actually purchase the program through the link above.

  17. Alex Sirimarco says:

    How exactly does this work? Are you given a list of texts to use to get
    girls? Are you supposed to use smileys or just normal words?

  18. Alexandra Clark says:

    Hey Vasile. I think this guide will help you not only understand women
    better, but also how to respond and interact with them better.

  19. MerkiBoss says:

    How long does it take to get a date using this method?

  20. Alexandra Clark says:

    Hey Pirater. This system focuses on how to use texting as a technique to
    connect and get dates with girls. Most other dating guides focus on other
    areas of dating.

  21. Czesio Czesiovsky says:

    This program is legit guys. I got it and it and it really gave me some
    awesome ideas on how to fire off some pretty cool texts. That get responses!

  22. jhonny stantion says:

    Dang that is some hooooot chicks in the vid. If it works on girls like that
    i’m in.

  23. Alexandra Clark says:

    Hi Alex, you are given a lot of texts as examples, but Bobby Rio also
    explains how the texts are constructed and why so that you can customize
    them to your situation.

  24. Candy Warhol says:

    I’m wondering if this program can get me dates if I’m not exactly a stud if
    u know wht i mean

  25. Alexandra Clark says:

    Hmmm I’m thinking it should work on international women. I don’t remember
    that being discussed in the program, but the psychological advice and
    explanations pertain to any woman I think. Just don’t ask for my help on
    translating 😉

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