magnetic levitation

http://orbo.es/ magnetic levitation, here we see magnet moving into the sweet spot or null zone, where the attraction and repulsion forces are balanced out. This is only possible due…
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  1. pie505 says:

    Make a levitron!

  2. hi li says:

    :O okay… so the levitation is weird, BUT
    the REALLY weird thing is that when the poster lifts the washer/ magnet
    away from the magnets while it’s set on the table, it takes no effort, but
    when he lifts it upside down and tries to move it away from the magnets
    there is suddenly a magnetic force resisting his efforts to move it away
    from the magnets on the base.

  3. hi li says:

    i’m curious about the set up? What kind of magnets are they (neodymium?).
    I’m assuming the base is steel as well, and the pole is brass?

  4. De Cook says:

    With the advance of Technology and Science,
    It is clear that you can build Magnetic Generator to power your home
    One Engineer called John Richard showed it on his website…..
    Go to Google and Search for :
    *Top Magnetic Generator*.

  5. sypha0x says:

    I know why…the Steel above the magnet that is levitated is behaving as a
    ferromagnetic material. It takes some of the opposite polarity magnetic
    flux density and creates an S curve where the piece is being held up by
    both sides of the forces

  6. newton3010 says:

    Magnetic vehicle suspension system?

  7. Yezpahr says:

    O_O!!! You solved a problem I had when I was constructing my maglev train
    design! OMG!! Thanks a lot! PM me if you want to know more.

  8. DJRockinRob says:

    I believe he said “south pole facing down on the washer and north poles
    faceing UP on the base” …. makes sense to me. The washer magnet is
    getting equal attraction power from all sides therefore is suspended. With
    out the rod in the middle, ANY movement in one direction would collapse the
    levetation. When I say ANY … I mean even the smallest of movements would
    change the level of attraction to a paticular magnet. I like it. Good Job.

  9. Kstorm88 says:


  10. sghost258 says:

    now here’s a guy thinking with his dipstick, Jimme =D

  11. JuneGaryGary says:

    That’s awesome, I’ve seen a video like this done with a CD and an even
    stronger magnet that could lift a dishwasher pretty much haha, it’s
    awesome. watch?v=_95o-YQBPZU

  12. iSuperdupaloveweed says:

    Sir… could you at least get to know my mind as a person before you FUCK

  13. Emeengor says:

    thats becase the pole got magnetic properties as well try the same ting
    with a plastic pole

  14. summadis says:

    sean lock.hahaha

  15. nick canning says:

    Changing the slider mass has little effect showing that magnetic forces are
    much stronger than gravitational forces. It may seem odd that moving the
    magnets of the polygon further apart causes the slider to mo0ve up the axis
    against gravity. Where does the energy come from to lift the weight of the
    slider given that energy is conserved? What would happen if the base
    magnets were on a frictionless plane and were suddenly released? Would the
    slider continue to rise?

  16. MrArty303 says:

    maybe because of the south pole magnet in the middle?

  17. Karvenate says:

    use a copper wire…and wrap it around da stick. Im serious…….

  18. AviatorBJP says:


  19. samolaco1 says:

    tagliati le unghie schifoso!

  20. BiologicallySuper says:

    You do that :3 I shall await the youtube video of it 😀

  21. qwerty222999 says:

    The power of the mind.

  22. Cowboycurtis888 says:

    YOu can’t see the magnet directly below the floating one? that one has its
    south pole facing upward so it repels it and the others have north facing
    up to attract it…but because the southpole one is directly below the
    floating one its exerted force is more direct and therefore able to counter
    that of the other five magnets because they arent directly below that one
    even though they are attracting it. So two fields countering each other
    with equal force halts all movement.

  23. Ebdan88 says:

    Use Angles, Mostly from 10 to 30 Degree and then you will get a better
    result 🙂

  24. Bogdan Celmare says:

    yes u have discovered the hot water and the walk with the legs !

  25. apapalonglong says:

    hmmm… I see how you did that. clever, very clever. I would like to try
    having magnets on the floor + side up and shoes one with magnets on, + side
    down to the floor. that way I could levitate if the magnets were charged
    with enough energy. I’ve been thinking about the way magnets levitate and
    thought like this: tellus/the earth is cgharged with let’s say + magnetic
    energy and everybody on the surface were charged with negative m-enery. if
    one were to charge enough p-energy one could fly…

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