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Thanks again for telling your friends about MagneticSponsors:  Here are your Bonus gift:

Please Right click on the link and “save target as” otherwise you will get an error warning about timing out and having to contact me.

Bonus #1: Mike Filsaime/Jeff Walker Launch Call

Bonus #2: Mike Filsaime Product Launch Guide

Extra Special Option: You can get DVD’s mailed to your house with these two as well as Mike Filsaimes Power Link Generator along with a Physical Copy of Mike’s Butterfly Marketing Manuscript 3.0 along with approximately $3000 worth of training, content and support by checking out a special offer I ran in the past, but left up for action takers:

Check out the Marketing Package here

Trust me…when you invest, you hold yourself more responsible for actually looking at the materials….When you can invest so little for so much, it is even better…We are talking a massive ~97% discount here

Don’t believe this is a good deal and only want the Book….You can see here I am offering it for $47 of your real hard earned money!  So why not pay a bit more and get more then 10X more value with the big package above.

Suggested Resources to have to get your business going:

Meet Cheap Conference Solutions

Meet Cheap Conference Solutions

GVO Host The Profit

GVO Host The Profit

These are the three I have been using the most to make my business grow and I hope you take a moment to check them out!

Be sure to let all your friends know about to get great deals as well!

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