Magnetic Attraction & Screwing How to create magnetic attraction is like one of those ultimate surrender videos except were talking about exciting the electrons in our tools rather than a twisted pegging my husband video. If you’re looking for soft core videos or full sensual message videos then you’ll have to settle for some tool on tool action in this fun and playful do it yourself video demonstrating how to create magnetic energy when you want to so some screwing. Starring Barbara Wurden and Michael James Brown. Barbara’s Fine ART and Decorative Painting website http Barbara’s Faux paint and wall texturing website
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Replies to “Magnetic Attraction & Screwing”

  1. good sense of humor, lots of innuendo ,but what is this supposed to teach me cuz i know how, why and when screwdrivers magnetise.

  2. I have to admit, this is a great video. Funny & sexy in it’s own way. You got my vote! Keep the videos cummin! LOL

  3. @TheHandyGoddess Seriously, I saw this at world’s dumbest performers. No offense, your vid is hilarious though.

  4. @josecitoperecito What could possibly be dumb about magnetizing a screwdriver? Oh ya then you’re going to say it’s me you’re referring because you saw me on the show and to that I’d say why have you lost your sense of humor and appreciation for a well done presentation?

  5. I think lampbanana should be called limpbanana. Voted thumbs down to your comment.

    Full marks on your this vid demonstration. You’ve given me inspiration to magnetize all my screwdrivers.

    Thanks HandyGoddess. My attraction for you grows with each visit 😉

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