Love On Top SPOOF – Barack Obama (Beyonce Super Bowl Spoof)

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  1. Shay Lay says:

    OMG he sound a little like the Pres. Obama

  2. Barbiefreak223 says:

    2:34 hold up pump yo brakes!

  3. Mystikcappuccin0 says:

    His fcaial expresion at start he actualy loked like obama lol

  4. Kathy Franckiewicz says:

    BRAVO! Your talents are absolutely endless. Your ability to actually do honor to our President in a light-hearted way, in itself, is a true talent. President Obama would truly like your work, if he hasn’t already seen it. I’m in Awe watching you & your cast of “players” perform! Please don’t stop any time soon!

  5. Sapphire Yagami says:

    i like alphacat,this guy is funny

  6. GlitterGirls123100 says:

    I love Aflacat he’s hilar

  7. cicyah1 says:

    Someone should tell B about this. Alpha got it

  8. Bianca Gotow says:


  9. chris estrada says:

    Lol awesome

  10. Hitomiaka says:

    Disappointing. He has these half naked skanks but he doesn’t even take off his own shirt. smh

  11. spawnfire443443 says:

    When you have a group of girl dancers you know your the shit. Alphcat your life is set.

  12. pink4311gmail says:

    Ikr! Me too!

  13. MrTwixisback says:

    57th Time Watching this & Still loving it!

  14. Titan Garner says:


  15. cashlessbread says:

    paranormal accounts are evidence demons exist,every case has an interdimensional approach-using deception as an effective constraint..demons mimic the deceased promoting séances-talking to the dead,they also mimic alien-grays,ufos and bigfoot worldwide promoting secularism,they’ll use any shapeshifting deception steering men away from the bible..to analyze demonic accounts check the playlist on my channel.

  16. Tiffany Y. says:

    He actually look more like Drake than Obama.

  17. LeRoyce Bratsveen says:

    WHY ISN’T ALPHA CAT ON Saturday Night Live already? Do I really need to start a PETITION? Come on now.

  18. ashilimom28 says:

    Bring the beat in lol. Great video

  19. JessLeegardner says:

    maybe u could help me out never had a girlfriend im 22 about to be 23 please help me

  20. JessLeegardner says:

    wow alphacat do u get all the Sexxy Girls?

  21. KamiB Nonyabizness says:

    Best spoof yet!

  22. cnichols9890 says:

    Freaking halarious

  23. tmwshaw1 says:


  24. tmwshaw1 says:

    That was the best high note I ever heard

  25. Ozioma Jatto says:


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