Longing for the Twin Flame, Longing for Soul Mate, 2012 Pro

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  1. starjobri095 says:

    You guys seriously believe in this bullshit they say about soulmates and twin flames? Please it leaves you mentally fucked up in the head, live your life and stop waiting for that what you guys call it” The One”, because seriously their not coming back, so fuck the theory of soulmates

  2. TheSnakediggity says:

    SOMEBODY HELP ME i am being attacked by my twin flame…

  3. Hurls47 says:

    -_- “Amusing” 0.o

  4. SuperKimba2 says:

    I want my true love hope he is coming back to me soon. I am goign thru changes but should soon end.

  5. Zero1RLV4 says:

    they have nothing, everything here is a cruel illusion.

    just try keeping it all for eternity.

    you are one simple, simple mind. just shut up, i’m done wasting time on you.

  6. Zero1RLV4 says:

    how assumptuous of you.

    sarcasm is a great defense mechanism. but we both know you tremble at night, alone.

    whereas i stay up gaming and shooting peoples heads off, because none of you really do deserve to live, and that day is coming, where the lord above all laws and lies comes and smacks ur sinning asses down! 😀

    messiah? no no, that has nothing to with me.

    lol keep believing drivel, and talking shit. 😀

  7. Zero1RLV4 says:

    oh isn’t that hilarious, aside from early life lessons…i wasn’t jacking anyone around.

    so you can all talk shit and lie to each other, laugh at those who point out how fraudulent you all are…but it makes no difference:


    and this heathen needs to be burned on a wheel and rolled down a hill.

  8. solanahWP says:

    you know, i’m afraid you’re mistaking some other entity for a twin flame. just my opinion. I wouldn’t wait if i were you, i’d just ask this essence to leave. i also think energy therapy could help you, just look for a mode that you’d be comfortable with (but please, beware of cheaters!) the easiest and cheapest way of energy therapy is prayer, meditation, and similar practices. but only if it’s completely sincere. all the best to you.

  9. Zero1RLV4 says:

    ya i swore off having any relations. i’ve had it past my neck with lies. suits me just fine. sex isn’t worth being cheated…and thats about all you ever get from a cheating whore, fucked and then fucked over.

  10. Zero1RLV4 says:

    oh well then i sure feel stupid, LOL. i banned white chicks…they cheated too bro.

    women are a scam. fuck friends is as far as anyone should go. commiting to a lying sack of shit has consequences.

  11. niecytheboss says:

    Shame so many people think they met there twin flame, I have met mine, and im reading comments on many twin flame video’s and hearing negative things. Ughhhh, if there is not a balance I just dont see how you met your twin flame. my twin and I are so balanced and ego so controlled, there is happiness, love, joy on such a level that we do not feel the need to argue fight or irritate, we have never been in a fight, if one of us feels the other is down we exchange energy cleanse and balance out.

  12. sparklingbabe1 says:

    what if your twin flame is following you around psychically and will not be with you physically or leave you alone. Please help my twin flame is a jerk and will not leave me alone. He talks all day and even irritates me with his emotions, sexual feelings, and sometimes takes control of my speach and movement. PLEASE HELP. No Psychics one seems to be able to help. At this point I just want to be left alone. Thanks

  13. kathleen vivier says:

    Trusting men is also I’d love to see the world on truthspell I’d just sit back and laugh and watch all hell break lose

  14. Zero1RLV4 says:

    liars and their lies, will destroy the world and then there will be no more lies…from liars.

    so much for my “twin flame”

    according to her, I IMAGINED knowing her, and every other memory i’ve ever had.

    yeah, trusting women, is like building cars instead of starships.


  15. Zero1RLV4 says:

    yes indeed, i agree with one part.

    and unfortunately, it is as bullshit as the rest of the universe.

    love is…

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