Lockheed Martin’s Next Generation Aviation Solutions

Lockheed Martin’s aviation solutions deliver improved safety, punctual arrivals and departures, increased global capacity, and better fuel efficiency.
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  1. eyeAMtwinkEE says:

    Barely works? What?

  2. soar1u says:

    The head of lockheed aeronautics Ralph Heath makes 82.000 dollars a day ! This company is so vertically intergated & positioned with too many mid-level managers making way beyond their real worth, always getting bailed out for any mistake with videos like this bragging ahead of time with their hand out from you the tax payer with more emphasis on promotion than people building the product correctly the first time. A case in point – the F-22 barely works same with the F-35 way over budget..

  3. viperq says:

    To bad LM doesn’t make jetliners anymore.

  4. George Fotopoulos says:

    🙁 most of them require security clearance … including my option (aerospace eningeering)

  5. eyeAMtwinkEE says:

    To get a security clearance (pretty much required for employment at Lockheed) you need to be an American Citizen.

    Check Lockheed Martin Europe (lockheedmartin(.)com/europe) and find out what positions are available there.

    Good luck!

  6. Leon Phythian says:

    with the greatest amount of respect then why don’t you release your real future changing technology style aircraft for mass use that way we can move on from all this fossil fule burning jet liner nonsense and really move forward as a race!

  7. George Fotopoulos says:

    Here is my question : I am Greek and i would like to work at Lockheed martin but am i acceptable or not?

  8. foddiamondo says:

    Cool video but they got the saying at 0:36 backwards

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