Live the Dream II contest – Suha Sagban

www.facebook.com Live the Dream II contest – Suha Sagban Our latest entry into the contest. This is for a chance to win a ticket to the Live the Dream contest in Orlando , Fl. Hosted by MLSP – My Lead System Pro.

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  1. TheRobSimson says:


    It is a true joy to listen to a gifted communicator. Wonderful insights. I’m taking notes. :0)

    Well Done,

    Rob Simson

  2. Juli Becker says:

    Wow! I see the beginning stage of a true leader here. No hesitation or shyness in front of the camera. Cool.

  3. Joe Sandy says:

    Great video Suha. It’s nice to hear things coming straight from the heart. There is so much sugar coated bs out there coming from so many bottom feeders that it’s nice to see your honesty and integrity shine through. The future is yours.

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