List of Social Networking Sites

List of Social Networking Sites

Looking for a list of social networking sites? Before we get ourselves lost in a massive list of Websites and statistics, let’s talk about why you want a list of social networking sites. The obvious reason is that you want to find the best social networking site. The next question is, best for what?


Try to visualize the Internet as a round ball stuffed with information. Better yet, picture it as the earth. You are standing on grass looking down at the ground. Under your feet, under the grass you are standing on, is a vast warehouse of knowledge that runs throughout the core of the earth to every point on earth and contains anything and everything you want to know. All you have to do is plug a cord from your computer, laptop, or phone into the ground and you have access to whatever you want to know or experience visually or in text.


To organize all this information for you, others have developed Websites that contain information that might interest you. That takes us to the first and most important step in finding a list of social networking sites, Internet search engines.


What is a search engine? A Website that knows where all the information is in the warehouse. What makes the search engines run? Money. The search engines are there because advertisers are willing to spend money to place ads. There are search engines for almost any category, however, 98% of all searches are handled by Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask with Google processing over 70% of all search requests.


Why am I talking about searches while you’re interested in social networking? Because finding what you are looking for is part of the social networking experience. In fact, it is a very big part of it as Google processes over 91,000,000 searches a DAY. In the search engine business, and it is a business, bigger is definitely better.


Is bigger better when we look at a purely social networking site? Probably not. First we have to go back to the question, why are you looking for a list of social networking sites? There are 100’s of sites. There are site for pet lovers, travelers, table tennis players, subway riders, senior social networking you name it and I’m sure you will be able to find it, or, if you can’t, start your own.


Smaller, interest oriented social networking sites may provide a more meaningful and safer environment. However, you may feel that bigger is better. And the biggest social networking website is Facebook. It is said to be worth billions. Why? Advertising $ $ $ $ $ ! You may want to socialize, however, Facebook and the other larger social networking sites want you to attract people to your posts who will visit their advertisers so they can make some money off your socializing. And that’s fine as long as you understand that up-front and they give you what you want.


What do most people want? They want to find people who share their hobbies and interests, look for romantic connections or establish new business contacts. While the Internet started as an academic exercise to share information, it is now a commerce driven information warehouse money machine. And, frankly, I think that’s great. It allows individual small home based businesses to have a worldwide customer base.


O.K. Let’s get back to the original question, “Looking for a list of social networking sites?” In order to locate the social network that is right for you you need to locate a list of social networking sites that you are comfortable with. I suggest you start with Wikipedia’s list of social networking websites. I would then go to traffikd.com’s social media websites. Your will now have a big current list of social networking sites. You can now use the power of Google to look up each social network site to see what they offer and how they can provide a service to you.


Or, if you don’t have the time, energy or desire to investigate and are looking for a general social networking experience to keep up with family, friends and associates, with pictures and text, go to Facebook, sign-up and invite your family and friends to join you. For a more professional business social networking experience, sign-up with Linkedin. Whoever you sign-up with, remember, your profile is the most important and personal page. Be careful who has access to it and what information you provide.


Finding new friends and expanding relationships over the Internet can be dangerous. And, in my view, there is a very disturbing trend taking place. Studies show that people pay 3 times more attention to advice given by a “friend” over the Internet rather a face to face advice from a friend. Be careful!

Janet Callaway, The Natural Networker. I believe, success is best achieved by working together. I educated and mentor people helping and teaching them how they can be or do or have anything they want. By sharing my knowledge and experiences with others, I am hopeful that we all will make better, more informed choices that will have a positive impact in the world. Come visit with me at Janet Callaway, Home Business.

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