List Building 101 – a Daegan Smith Review – From Maximum-Leverage

List Building 101 – a Daegan Smith Review – From Maximum-Leverage

Article by Dwight Gelowitz

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but a lot of businesses today are really starting to build up their online presence. They have been behind in the use of the strategies for internet marketing for one reason or another. Everyone knows that you need to be able to use every resource there is to get ahead of your competitor. You know they are trying it.

While I was doing a Daegan Smith Review I found that One of the well used resources to use to supply your promotional material is the use of an “Opt-in” list. What this is is a list of people that have told you they want to receive advertising emails from you. Its easy to spot on most websites where they are asking you to Opt-in and offer to give you something for free in return for you to enter your email address and/or name. That is getting you to “Opt-in” to their list.

There just isn’t a better way to keep in contact with your customers or potential clients than having them put their name on your list. It doesn’t cost anything to send them information and offers. The Opt-in list makes sure that you’re only distributing to people who have told you that they want to recieve your email and it allows them to Opt-out as easy as they opted in.

The thing you need to do if you choose to accept it is to keep people on your list by sending them relevant information.

Here are some Ideas to think about:

1) Make sure your information is interesting – The reality is that people will Opt-out faster than they opted in if they find you boring. People have a very short attention span unless the information is relevant and interesting. People hate to be bored. Don’t keep sending them the same offer over and over again. That is the ulitmate in boring. If your content is relevant your website will be attractive and more and more people will go there. People share good emails with friends so it is a way for your list to go viral if people start forwarding your content to all their friends etc…

2) People what to know whats in it for them – Benefits – There was somethign good in the initial offer that was beneficial to the person on your list. Don’t forget what got you the list in the first place.. Without the benefits people will get off the list. That is not what you’re looking for. It is very important to be consistent with your list. Your emails need to be consistant so people know what to expect. If you are consistent in providing good value they will continue to be on your list and most importantly they will buy from you when an offer that you present is of special interest to them.

3. Always stay ahead of your list – You need to know just that little bit more than they do. Find out new areas of research in your niche. Become the goto guy or gal.

4. Be better than your competition – Think Creatively. The goal is to keep people on your list. Sometimes its the little things that make a big difference. Give that little bit extra and watch the magic. They can’t resist a little surprise.

So shake it up a bit out there and keep those people on your list.

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Dwight and Robert are internet entrepreneurs who make their way helping others find what works for them. NETPower Prospecting is their current project to bring the art of Internet Marketing and Daegan Smith to those who need it!

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