Lingerie Football League Blasts NFL Replacement Refs

On today’s Daily Brief we check out the return of Myspace, a camera that captures every aspect of your life and the continuing embarrassment of the NFL’s replacement refs. First up, you heard me right. Myspace is making a comeback…with a little help from Justin Timberlake. Turns out the pop singer became an owner of the social networking site when it was acquired by Specific Media. The new Myspace has been completely rebuilt from scratch and looks kinda like what we’d expect if Facebook, Grooveshark and Microsoft put all their ideas in a blender. Which isn’t the worst mix BTW. Plans are also in the works for a partnership between Myspace and Panasonic to create a new way to experience your favorite television shows. Check out the new promotional video and let us know what you think of the new Myspace… laughingsquid.com Next up, whether on Myspace or Facebook or Twitter – if you’re one of these people who use social networks to document every mundane detail of your life, we’ve got just the camera for you. Say hello to the autographer – a wearable, intelligent camera that promises to capture all those magic moments of your life. The autographer uses GPS, accelerometer and motion detectors sensors to determine when to snap a pic. You can preview shots on your smartphone and store up to 8GB of memories at a time. You guys ready to document your very existence? Well, register now and you can get your autographer in November. www.autographer.com And finally, can you hear

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  1. MrOvlov02 says:

    too much makeup

  2. DjDATZ says:

    Please make this happen!!

  3. andrephx90 says:

    Always said Myspace would make a comeback and it´s looking good!

  4. Dominus89 says:

    It would only cost the league $5 million a year, and they made $9 BILLION last year. What is ridiculous about this?

  5. Francis Nicole Bautista says:

    What is Chloe’s twitter handle?

  6. kurtophecles says:

    I can’t say I blame the NFL for not bringing back the normal ref’s due to their ridiculous demands, but things are getting worse and worse. I think some of the substitute teacher syndrome going on is a nice change, because the NFL just keeps becoming more and more of a sissy bitch league to watch because players can tackle only so many ways, and you can’t even breathe on Tom Brady without getting a flag.

    That being said, in cases like last night in the Green Bay/Seattle Game, it’s gone too far

  7. Ryohei Okabe says:

    and… there’s my rant…

  8. Ryohei Okabe says:

    The current situation with the replacement refs is unfortunate. It’s questionable whether they weren’t previously NFL refs because of just experience (meaning they may get better) or if it’s just bad refs who didn’t make the cut. I don’t believe that refs who ref part time should be receiving pension. However, if they signed a contract that had it, it should not be revoked. If the NFL were to grant pension to those who had it and didn’t give out anymore, I think we’d be in an okay situation.

  9. foofighter1995606 says:

    or nude!!!!!!!!!

  10. flexairz says:

    Next up: Chloe presenting the brief in….. lingerie!

  11. Mundocaso says:

    Whoa there is a lingerie football league!?! You Americans have it good

  12. JoeBird76 says:

    Well..she said ‘don’t worry,’ …So I guessss I’ll follow Chloe on Twitter, even though I rarely use mine. What was that Twitter handle again?

  13. DavonTheGreatness says:

    Khole should play or be a ref for the LFL a.k.a the best thing ever

  14. Steve S. Getchell says:

    win is a win and we got the win!!!!! Seahawks All The Way!!!

  15. chikenfriedricey says:

    who hasn’t blasted the replacement refs

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