Lifestyle of Recruiting with Katie Farner – Scentsy Reunion 2014

I was honored to teach a break out session at Scentsy Reunion this year! I shared how to live a lifestyle of recruiting! Give it a listen and apply to your b…

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  1. Sunshine State Super Stars says:

    +LittleMissScents this video will help you 🙂 

  2. Ultimatecruegirl says:

    You did such a wonderful job, I hope we get to see more of you speaking.

  3. Jacqui Duran says:

    Katie – amazing presentation! You are so inspiring and genuine. I have
    been selling Scentsy for a little over two years but just realizing my
    ‘aha’ moment. I want to say thank you for being inspiring to me! 

  4. keylimekisses says:

    great information in this video thanks so much for posting it…is there a
    video you can recommend that talks about the tax break/benefits of owning
    your own scentsy business?

  5. SueAnn Deeble says:

    loved this! thanks!!!! 

  6. Sunshine State Super Stars says:

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