Let’s Play Twilight Princess (Part 22): A Magnetic Attraction

Just going on through the Goron Mines. As far as action goes, this is actually kind of slow so I didn’t really have much to talk about.
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  1. Cmdrduo02us says:

    DId you guys notice that each of the three gems to open the temple of time are in each of the three elders rooms? Red, Green, Blue

  2. vandalay90 says:

    how ironic i’m useing this guild now in 2012 and your main lp is skies of arcadia which i’m also useing

  3. Joseph0M0M says:

    3:00 stab deals more damage than slash, and combo ends have more strength put behind then and so have more power

  4. eveelover100 says:

    what Skies of Arcadia???

  5. EpicLink1 says:

    At 6:41 when Bats said you cant do anything about the archers..I found out that you can with your slingshot :p

  6. TheDeathseeker1234 says:

    did you ever noticed link’s hat when he was upsite down ? xD physics fail !

  7. taylorisneato says:

    your analogy was PERFECT

  8. guilhermebaldin says:

    man, this dungeon reminds me of metroid prime. especially the outside area on 06:33

  9. 40Kfrog says:

    @ 10:05

    “…leave you guys hung here…”

    That’s what she said.

  10. GURGLEGUY12345 says:

    No, it’s Beamos, not Beamus.

  11. GURGLEGUY12345 says:

    Hammerspace… I think I know why Ramona Flowers uses a hammer now.

  12. MinutesOfSheerTerror says:

    @banapplepielord @ScienceBytes It’s the concept of hammerspace, really. Video games use it all the time, characters can store hundreds of pounds worth of items in a small bag, or seemingly nowhere, without a change in their weight. It actually works better this way, at least imo, because if Link felt the weight of each item he added, he wouldn’t even be able to move by the end of the game, what with all the equipment, the armors, the swords, and everything else he ends up with.

  13. banapplepielord says:

    true and things like that often bother me but he turns into a wolf he has pointed ears there are monsters all around i kinda doubt that physics apply in this situation

  14. ScienceBytes says:

    Why would Link need to put the boots on to be heavy enough to press the switches down? The weight of the boots wouldn’t just disappear simply because he isn’t wearing them.

  15. batman9502 says:

    I was referring to the Zora Tunic from Ocarina of Time, not the Zora Armor from this game, but okay.

  16. bloodocean07 says:

    “We don’t have a Zora Tunic.” Spoiler!

  17. TheShootHappy says:

    the way you said “dispose of them” kinda sounded like Legolas from LotR…

  18. MechaMachineHawk says:

    for a deadly laser your pretty gay

  19. DarkDemonWolf76 says:

    Beamose would be both singular and plural, like moose and moose.

  20. ShareSomeHappiness says:

    I love how Link’s tunic is wet getting out of the water and then as he rolls around and stuff you can see it wet. It was pretty awesome of them to put in so much detail! 🙂

  21. Armogohmafan says:

    You don’t have to push that block, you can just sneak behind it.

  22. batman9502 says:

    I wasn’t angry that he called me a name, I was simply stating that if he’s only going to comment on my videos to insult me then I don’t see why he should be given the privilege. Either way it was like seven months ago, so who cares?

  23. TheLovesoul1 says:

    dude chill it just his opinion why let it bother you like that people call me names all the time and i don’t get pissed off just chill and nice vids you great at this game wish i had a gc but i’ve got a wii going to buy a ps3 for my b-day and get lbp2 happy new years.

  24. likemeforme16 says:

    that outside area reminds me of an area in resident evil 5

  25. Pop12646Okami says:

    wow, you call the guy an idiot when he probably knows more on this game than you do

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