Let’s Play Limbo – Part 13 Magnetic Attraction

The underworld has apparently seen some technological advancements, now equipped with machine guns.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. LCarlan47 says:

    Anyone else check their Steam at 12:18?

  2. retroRR says:

    U’VE magic/sexy Voice! 🙂

  3. newyoikmabsta says:

    Well, the reason why everyone loves it so much is because its up for interpretation. They give you some hints around the game and in the ending. But there are hundreds of theorys. Just believe what you think, it will definately keep you thinking for a couple of minutes though.

  4. firesnakearies says:

    I’m really intrigued by the story behind this game. What’s really going on? Are we going to find out, or is it going to remain mysterious to the end? It’s quite a compelling journey, though.

  5. zeitgeistermann says:

    I’m really lovin’ the Let’s Play, Rose! :3
    Huge spinning saws, instant-death-water, weird crushing machines and gears, brain-infesting maggot things, demon children, and giant spiders and you’re not even in Hell yet.

  6. climbinggecko says:

    The one thing that keeps this from being one of those cruel “frustration” games (the ones that know where you’re going to be and killing you every few seconds, forcing you to memorize the course) is the amazing atmosphere in here, especially the fact that you don’t know what’s really going on but you get attached to the boy and want to see him survive if nothing other than because you want to see anything survive in this place. Loving this Let’s Play! 😀

  7. HawkEyeA53B says:

    One thing to think about is that as you’ve gone farther in, the world has gotten more technological and less natural. So hell is mankind and technology maybe?

  8. XSmexyLamaX says:

    goddam it it sucks when you can see the solution and you just watch her trying to figure it out >.<

  9. rikaisakir says:

    woohoo more limbo, keep em comin’, im so bored and your vids are great

  10. PrinceSephiroth says:

    I know what the whole story really means, but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone. I will say it is rather sad, though…

  11. scotty152006 says:

    Lol I’m supposedly the first viewer… though 5 comments 😛 lol

  12. newyoikmabsta says:

    yeah!!!! 0 views FTW!!! thanks for an awesome server youtube.

  13. willardlol says:

    That was such an intense sounding “Welcome back!”

  14. VelvetxRevolverx says:

    1 like
    3 comments? (Including mine)

  15. x3Shayyy says:


  16. krazyky20 says:

    omg! just first to view evar! i love you rose(and ur puppy!) keep up the FANTASTIC work! 🙂

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