Leon Waisbein – How to reach the President’s team

2011 Future President’s Team Retreat Join Founder’s Circle Member, Leon Waisbein as he teaches you how to develop a deep downline or better yet-various simultaneous deep downlines to reach Presidents team.

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  1. InsaneMetalSoldier says:

    These videos are attaching high power rockets to my Herbalife business!!!! THANKS

  2. lori25hu says:

    3:45 i got the answer THX

  3. lori25hu says:

    where is he from ? he sounds Russian or Romanian

  4. rushsagar says:

    He is the best

  5. Ossey Osmond says:

    A masterful teacher, my favourite. Leon truly understands how to build a strong, sustainable Herbalife business.

  6. kingawur says:

    He is deep but yet down to earth. One of my best mentor in Herbalife. Go on Leon!

  7. herbalizerful says:

    I like Leon :) he has a fun attitude

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