Legends of Skyrim – Episode 11 – Recruiting

Today its time to fill the roster for the Dawnguard… SHENMUE style ! – SHEN Subscribe to the show so you never miss an episode !! Click here – www.youtube.com and hey if you dig the series. Hit that like button ! I Appreciate it. My Machinima Respawn Playlist : www.youtube.com SHENMUE36 T-Shirts : shenmue36.spreadshirt.com My Twitter : twitter.com My Livestream : www.youtube.com
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  1. thejuanitomartinez says:

    you know what your right !!!!


    hi shemue your boss

  3. TheBase287 says:

    Don’t forget to disinfect yourself to get rid of the AIDs, buddy.

  4. ky4549 says:

    the twins remind me of the Mexican twins from breaking bad there awesome assassins as well

  5. joe33378 says:

    Lord Shenmue, do you plan on playing Borderlands 2 or posting some TF2 videos?

  6. SheriffTitty says:

    you deserve more than 100k subs

  7. SmashJohn says:

    Shenmue you should upload more often.

  8. SuperLiverpool45 says:


  9. cbs1012 says:

    Dumbass: I’m on your side!
    Shenmue: No, I’m not.
    Dumbass: What are you doing?
    Shenmue: He doesn’t have a weapon.

    Awesome ending.

  10. dude8476 says:

    Shenmue I see that you are running out of videos to publish I really recommender slender my friend did it and got 20 veiws in the first day (he has no subs)

  11. rushingin55 says:

    He doesn’t have a weapon! Way to make thing fare. Haha. 🙂 I thought u were just going to watch them.

  12. IamWalkingDead1 says:

    @huntorbehunted606 of course he’s the greatest… He’s Shenmue36!

  13. LoganH10145 says:

    You make my day SO much better.
    God bless you so hard.

  14. WuShogun212 says:

    Benard doesn’t care about you submitting, he lives by his own rules lol

  15. huntorbehunted606 says:

    The twins strike again!! haha You fought the dragon squiddish tried to air assassinate in his video XD your the greatest!!

  16. darkheart113 says:

    SHENMUE style!  Infinitely more epic than Gangnam Style.

  17. mball831 says:

    Another great video man.

  18. thejuanitomartinez says:

    i’ve contracted god damn AIDS again…… f*cking b*tch f*cking a**hole lol

  19. thejuanitomartinez says:

    shenmue36 cracks me up so much !!! such a beast !!!

  20. RooneyYDG says:

    We live to serve Lord Shenmue-tron!

  21. TheShenmue36 says:

    thank you sir !

  22. thejuanitomartinez says:

    shenmue36 ….. one of the best and funniest commentators !!!!!!!

  23. BeNZZ61 says:


  24. thejuanitomartinez says:

    love your vids !!!!!!!!!1!!!!!

  25. thejuanitomartinez says:

    check out blasiangamingtv new and we need help tips would help

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