Legendary Fighters RC Warbird Team Germany Wall of Fire Rheidt Airshow 2009

Here is a very nice video shot by Jurgen Heilig (Copyright) of the Legendary Fighters RC Warbird team at the Rheidt Euroflugtag 2009 in Germany. One of the Mustangs called “Shangrila” flown by Mickey Sabatschus flew right through one of the fireballs. He said the heat blew-out the down-line of one of his pneumatically operated main landing gear and he had to do a partial gear landing. The end of the video shows some really nice scale weathering on the wings. If you would like to have this team at your airshow or Flugtag just contact them via there website at www.legendaryfighters.de. They are willing to travel and would like to do a show in the USA!

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  1. Alleswasspassmacht says:

    Really great Video. Like +1
    I subscribed to your channel. Please check my video and sub back if you like.

  2. funkyassfingers says:

    That looked awesome 🙂

  3. ILSRWY4 says:

    Show takes place in Germany… and what do they play on the P.A.? American Big Band music and the song “American Patrol” no less! 🙂

    Great show! Awesome model planes! Love how they did the “war birds” show similar to what you see in real life at Oshkosh!!

  4. GeneralSimpson says:

    die Mustang is aber schön verschmiert
    das is scale und heißt “weathering” 😀

  5. IronManXXX says:

    Very good show guys…thanks for the nice video of it..wish I were there

  6. Ernesto Tani says:

    I Love the Dornier Do 335.

  7. lionheart2365 says:

    i love the p-51 certianly the best warbird ever built and theres the p40 

  8. Harlekin1953 says:

    is very good…

  9. jfkinlex says:

    Really neat !! The Do 335 is my favorite, but I also like the Grumman Bearcat !!!

  10. Kevin Mittendorf says:

    manche flieger habe ich scon in anderen videos gesehen!!!einfach schöne flieger

  11. MrROTD says:

    me too the DO335 is sweet

  12. 49bobbyk says:

    Very exciting. Love the DO335. Have the fighters attacking R/C tanks and it would be complete.

  13. levrairatus1 says:


    Great show!
    What is the methode for pyrotechincal effect? explosion and black smoke?


  14. NeRd4LiFe184 says:

    absolut scale……..wirklich toll……

  15. PatBALEX says:

    Nice!!! I bought plans for that Do.335 a few years ago…Seeing this one fly makes me want to pull them out and start building….Thanks!!

  16. TamiyaExperienced says:

    Byrons Originals used to do these shows in the late 80’s early 90’s with true giants.

  17. Flyboy258 says:

    that’s an awesome way to whether your RC planes

    5 stars

  18. drunk2thepowerofsick says:

    that was great

  19. marvinf14 says:

    Wow!! I would love to have this done in my Warbird R/C Shows, but the F a a and A M a would be WTF is wrong with you, man what a beautiful show that is, amazing and well organized!!!!

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