Lee Ryan – Time Flies

Umas fotos desse maravilhoso cantor ao som de uma bela música!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. gogo peristeri says:

    it is an amazing song i love lee ryan he is my favourite singer i wish he could sing today because he has the best voise in a world and in my country(greece) dont listen anymore and it is vary sad because it is talent singer kisses from greece we love you lee ryan

  2. hermionedeanbuffy says:

    With Parking and Guardian Angel, it’s my favorite song of him. He’s an amazing and talented singer and actor. ^-^

  3. LovePraline05 says:

    What a voice has Lee. He is amazing ! <3

  4. antoniafischer123 says:

    I love him soooooooo much he is my angel he is sooo wonderful amazing and beautiful and i love this wonderful song, too. Aur…. thank you very much

  5. antoniafischer123 says:

    it’s a beautiful song makes me cryin’ every time I hear it!!!!!! lee ryan you’re my guardian angel forever i love u!!!!!!!!

  6. antoniafischer123 says:

    It is great and sooooo beautiful

  7. Dayana Sales says:

    ‘I love this song…

  8. nesselegant08 says:

    great song and voice!!lee’s the best vocalist

  9. lisetta1996 says:

    I’m crying… it’s amazing!!!!

  10. blueebsb says:

    just wow.amazing lyric.best voice ever.

  11. TheMsgabo8 says:

    it is the most beautifull song what I heard whenever *.*
    he is the best(LL)

  12. fabyraquel says:

    I have this song!

  13. mousehunt986 says:

    where can i download this song????????cant find it on Limewire

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