Lee Ryan – It’s not me

beautiful song

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  1. berns845 says:

    lee’s voice is meant for love songs like this.. 

  2. killeriserial33 says:

    this song is so beautiful….it has this thing……lee gives this song something sweet…….i can’t explained it….LEE RYAN keep going like this …….and i’m very glad that BLUE is back again….

  3. Michele Melendez says:

    who sings this song and the name please

  4. Michele Melendez says:

    can somebody tell me how sing this song

  5. Michele Melendez says:

    linda cancion

  6. Michele Melendez says:

    beautifull song keep it on

  7. superclara77 says:

    i wonder what album has this song in or where this song from.
    if u know,let me know plzzz ,it’s so sweet..(:

  8. 19Rocio94 says:

    1:29 waaaaaaaaaaaaf I love lee

  9. valecampy91 says:

    LEE RYAN 4eternity!!

  10. xsmilex68 says:

    i ..like used to love his sexy ass lmao…….big crushhhh massive lmao obsessive almost lmao *blushes*

  11. jeagrey says:

    One word – amazing 🙂

  12. Dajcika says:

    awesome song with brilliant lyrics
    simply love it

  13. analuisaferrosmirand says:

    beautiful song

  14. sunnydeil says:

    Ivan love Eli ! =)

  15. someoneisajerk says:

    Lee Ryan is awesome…

  16. MissGomez92 says:

    i love it…

  17. Krisu12345 says:

    Aww<3<3 I love this song so much!! <3<3 I love Lee 4ever! <3

  18. Lena Mijajlovic says:

    yeah that`s because he is amazing…..

  19. michalicious90 says:

    lee’s music is amazing <3

  20. lora891129 says:

    very nice
    i love lee ryan so much

  21. aannoouukk says:

    i loooove lee !

  22. anyssya4u says:

    Unique Lee:X

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