Lee Ryan – I am who I am

Lee Ryan performing his new single in the Live Cupboard…

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  1. papposwing14 says:


  2. missjay012 says:

    Acoustic versions are always better ! <3

  3. magicarcher14 says:

    He’s so great! A good voice very soothing!

  4. TheLegend855 says:

    sweet and amazing!!!!! <3

  5. 4oki4e says:

    hes so sweeeet

  6. Ziilaan007 says:

    So sweeeeeet!

  7. jj538 says:

    Great performance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. NattieAliceAlexander says:

    amazing performance!!! 

  9. LinnyRyan says:

    hope you´re coming back to germany very soon…

    love this song! :*

  10. LinnyRyan says:

    hope you´re coming back to germany very soon…

    love this song! :*

  11. tina91orta says:

    bravissimo leeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ti amoooooooooooo <3

  12. misspinky008 says:

    ohhh merde alr!!! lee est un sex symbol…rrrrrrr

  13. PuppyTyra says:

    Amazing Song *-* keep dooing like this! You’re voice is wonderful 🙂

  14. GRIMBEAST1 says:

    he is a good singer, well done, keep them coming .

  15. Sarah010319988 says:

    the song is wonderful

  16. jasminWNM says:

    this song is so damn hard to sing… nice Lee

  17. LepidoK says:

    Simply great.

  18. scotthickson says:

    Georgeous song – thought you sounded like George Orbison!! You wouldn’t disappoint me!!

  19. Mrwillwoo10 says:

    Awsome mate about time u came back, show em all how to sing

  20. millyxchick says:

    voice of an angel! Underated artist :(

  21. wawa500500 says:

    lee you are fabulous and so great i love this song so much

  22. dianjc says:

    Such great and soothing voice!

  23. Lalalenii says:

    amazing.. great song 🙂

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