Lee Ryan Breathe Easy

Lee singing Breathe Easy in Free Music Live in Milan
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Cường Nguyễn says:

    Cực đỉnh !

  2. MissCarterTerenzi says:

    he’s one god of a singer. there’ll never be someone like him again

  3. 65CSICaine says:

    3:03 da bekomme ich trotz fast 30°C in meinem Zimmer(Wohne in Berlin) eine Gänsehaut…. aber echt und ich bin kein Mädchen sondern Männlich …. aber echt da bekommt man so eine Gänse haut um genau zu seien bei 3minuten und 5 sekunden

  4. MsDreambroken says:

    still in love with Lee Ryan and Blue in 2012

  5. sourourr231 says:

    he wrote this amazing song <3 when he sing it he feel it <3

  6. 4oki4e says:

    3:02 LEEE is amazing

  7. PallasAthenaa says:

    3:04 ooooomg *_*

  8. bhallashweta96 says:

    what a voice he’s got amazing

  9. SuperNaveedanwar says:

    He may recover his voice after training, and i hope the album will be greatest…

  10. tupac0306 says:

    what’s wrong with his voice now….I hope he recover his voice after the surgery…:( So sad….he was my favourite male singer!

  11. MrReconnaissence says:

    what happened to your voice lee!?

  12. 4oki4e says:

    if I see lee i will be like the girl in 2:34 ;d

  13. annchen9484 says:

    3.04 omg…amazing :-)

  14. 4oki4e says:

    I wonder how he can write such a passionate song ….amazing not only he wrote it but his voice his face evrything about him is amzing

  15. 1981alfaromeo says:

    One of the best singers of the World!!!

  16. Musiclover21121990 says:

    the song is better when only lee sing!
    His voice is amazing!!!

  17. singerproduction100 says:

    breathe easy-vladimir poghosyan

  18. zanne24ify says:

    perfect…lee ur the best…

  19. napoletanavip93 says:

    lee è il miglior cantante dei blue, nn ce niente da fare.. LEE YOU ARE THE BEST SINGER!!!

  20. MrMoony201 says:

    i love it…more than words cant say

  21. onnppu says:

    Why he singning at italy

  22. ker1618 says:

    loved that ending was amazing!

  23. OMGtrubies says:

    Sorry, the girl at 2.22 not 2.36.

  24. OMGtrubies says:

    Gosh the girl at 2.36 gaves me the chills!!! That’s pure passion… ♥

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